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Hi folks I've already written on here recently .... Had my AMH result and it looks like I have a diminished ovarian reserve . Obviously gutted !!! They hospital are repeating the test and I go back in 3 weeks just to check . This is through NHS ..... I'm also paying a private consultancy fee for a 2nd opinion next week to discuss my options !

I'm already on DHEA .......

Has anyone gone through egg donor as I have a weird feeling this may be my only chance . If so what do I need to expect . Any advice would be greatly appreciated ๐Ÿ˜ŒXx

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  • Hi after a miscarriage in 08 we were having no success in conceiving. Gp referred us for testings to be told due to high fsh and low and 0.07 there'd be no chance of a natural pregnancy and sent me packing with coping with infertility leaflets. After some digging and chats on fertility friends and fb ivf sites I decided to go down route of donor egg without hesitation. As no funding due to our age we opted for treatment in Prague.. cost no waiting list and complete anonymity. BEST THING WE EVER DID. Martha is now 3 almost 4 and our world. Mine and her relationship is as close as you get if not closer. Pm me if you need further info or advice x

  • Thanks for this , you have given me hope . I go back in a couple of weeks but you have certainly boosted me xx I'll get looking into it x

  • Hi Martha's mum, do you mind me asking why you went to a clinic in Prague? We're in a very similar position and are exploring our options at the moment. Thanks so much x

  • Dead honest my local clinic were bloody awful and it put me off completely they sent us packing with a coping with infertility website no advice or guidance as to what options were available. after doing some digging on fb fertility sites and a lady pm'd me and suggested Gennet in Prague. She was 40's and had success and now mum of twin boys. Mailed load of local clinics and clinics abroad and just had a gut feeling so much so we didnt even feel the need for a consultation before treatment. Hardly any waiting list, complete anonymity and less than half the price of UK. Friend paid ยฃ9K in Bourn Hall Cambridge and we paid ยฃ5K including ivf with icsi and storage flights and weeks stay in Prague... I done all this myself :) x

  • We've had two failed cycles of ICSI and due to my age (42) donor eggs were suggested for our 3rd go. We've also had miscarriages from natural conceptions. After lots of heartache we decided to go for it as it gave us a better chance of having a baby. We went with an egg sharer donor, we got 6 eggs but only 3 were mature. We've got 2 frosties as ET had to be abandoned due to thin womb like lining.

    We discussed our criterian with the nurse at the clinic, eg what height, hair colours, eye colours, skin tone etc for ourselves and wider family and we got matched quickly with the donor. We're at a private clinic so the timescales might be quicker than NHS?

    You might find it useful to look at the Donor Conception website. It answered a lot of my questions, especially fears about bonding with the baby. It's great to hear from Martha's mum about that aspect. We had to have an implications counselling session before being accepted, basically checking we would tell the baby from birth that they were donor conceived (obviously in child friendly language).

    Our families and friends have been supportive of our decision to use donor eggs, it's not what I would have wished for but it's our best chance.

  • Hiya, we were told the same thing 6weeks ago. How are you feeling about it all? I'm all over the place. Some days area fine. And others not. Sending hugs x

  • Hi Leah345, we recently went through a donor egg cycle as we were told this was our only option. We had nhs funding and we only had cycle but thankfully this worked and we are now 23weeks pregnant. It was the best thing we ever did and we can finally be a family. From getting the call to actually having the et it was 6months so not to long. We had to have councilling and there was a lot of medication and injections but we finally got there. I would strongly recommend it. We used an egg share donor so she got half the eggs and we got the other half. I have recently read in the Sunday express that infertile women who have to use donor eggs are actually passing on some of their own DNA to the baby while in the womb. If you want to know anything else please just ask. Good luck with your journey xx.

  • IVF with donor egg was our only option to become parents. We decided to go abroad. I underwent this procedure in Ukraine. I became a mother of a beautiful girl two years ago. I had an opportunity to give the clinic a list with features of desirable donor. My daughter looks like me. No one can ever tell sheโ€™s from donor. First of all pay attention to reviews, good and bad. Make some kind of list of all pros and cons. Browse official websites of preferable clinics. I advice you to contact clinics directly. Ask them questions, which interest you. Pay attention to their answers. If clinic ignores your questions, ignores you, donโ€™t answer for a long time or answers donโ€™t satisfy you, then itโ€™s better to cross that clinic off from your list. Communication with patients is important, itโ€™s decisive factor. If they behave like that in the beginning, so you can imagine what will they do during the process. I wish you good luck with your search and procedure!

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