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Hi . I've suffered from pcos for 4 years now . TTC but nothing has happened . Attended gynaecologist specialist ect told too get bmi/weight down . But recently the last 3 months I've bleed constantly everyday also having large blood clots every single day . (Makes me feel depressed ,embarrassed ,ashamed) attended my doctor today as have been referred again too specialist . I asked about ovarian drilling surgery for my pcos . Can anyone give me some advice on this . Thanks xx

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Hi Amieex. The weight business is a nightmare, but if you can work at it and get it down, I’m sure it will help matters – even your PCOS. I’m sorry to read that you are struggling with all the bleeding you are suffering. Hopefully now you are being referred, they may be able to prescribe something to help cut it down. I didn’t have ovarian drilling, as it wasn’t around when I had my treatment. Instead I had a wedge resection of my ovaries. They cut out a piece of each ovary to allow free ovulation. Fortunately, it did work for me. However, with my medical hat on, I have known many ladies who have undergone ovarian drilling who suffered from polycystic ovaries, and it worked in quite a few cases. Besides opening up areas to allow eggs to “escape” it can reverse your hormones FSH & LH so that they work better and hopefully encourage ovulation to occur naturally. Hope it works for you if you do decide to go ahead with it, and of course that you soon get some relief from the bleeding. Diane

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