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Morning all finally had my amh test results, I also asked for my fsh results again too please could someone Enlighten me if they are good?



She also said it looks like I have PCO but she didn’t say PCOS, could this be the reason I’m not getting pregnant?x thanks..x

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Hi I had my AMH results mine was 43.9 they have said it looks like I have PCOS too so I will need the Short protocol wen start ivf/icsi I no PCO can prolong getting pregnant but unsure if this is your case I hope you get some answers and good luck xxx

hi- we have been ttc for 25months now, not been pregnant once.. partner has had all clear and so have I apart from having PCO... so this does effect ttc then.. I don't have another appointment until march :( x

Yes it's all to do with your hormone imbalance so some months you may not release an egg and without that you can't get pregnant I was put on Metformin 6 years ago for 3 months to treat this so that could be the problem your having as you also haven't fallen pregnant for so long. 8 years ago I fell pregnant 3 times 2 ectopics and 1 miscarriage resulting in losing both my tubes so that's why need ivf but it took me 3 years to even fall pregnant all them times but still with no baby so waiting to start our ivf journey I hope they can give you some answers in March it always seems so long to wait xxx

did the metformin help you get those pregnancies? yes I've been waiting since august last year for another appointment x

Omg really I really don't no how they can make you wait that long it's not easy. No I was with my partner 3 years when fell pregnant never was on any contraception but then wen did it all went wrong I was unaware that I even had PCOS at that time but I did I only found out as was going to have ivf 6 years ago and had to have metformin but the clinic I went to was so bad nothing worked it's a long story so I have no idea if this would of helped but I do no there is a lot of things they can do to help people with PCOS so you will get the help you need but to have to wait as long as you have is awful xxx

ok thanks hun, best of luck to you :)xxx

Did they say if you were ovulating? I’ve got PCOS but I was ovulating so they said this wouldn’t be the reason for not falling pregnant. I insisted to my GP on trying metformin though. I didn’t get pregnant but my clinic would have put me on it anyway. They advised I stay on it during pregnancy as well x

yes from tests I have had up to now I do ovulate. so don't know whats happening :(

Hi sammejayne i have PCO in my right ovary. You are correct in saying that you don't have PCOS, they are not the same thing. PCOS is the syndrome which does interfere with fertility because it messes with hormone balance, PCO is one or both polycystic ovaries. Your consultant should have explained this so that your diagnosis was clear. My consultant said that PCO is apparently a good thing because the ovary will have more follicles therefore potentially producing more eggs. But (there's always a but!) my right ovary has always underperformed in stimulation (I've previously done 3 months of clomid and two rounds icsi) so I think my consultant was talking a load of crap. We have been TTC for 4 years and apart from my husbands slightly poor sperm quality we have no answers yet as to why we haven't conceived but knowing my own body I think my ovulation is sporadic (even though my menstrual cycle is bang on). So I would say that yes, I think my PCO has affected us but that's just my feeling rather than a diagnosis. Perhaps ask the consultant to explain the PCO diagnosis? xx

sammejayne in reply to Lilli79

hi- ive done 4 round of clomid still have 2 to take but not going to bother. I know pco isn't the same as pcos but in my position im uncertain if I have the syndrome part as well, I do have spot on periods every month but I also do get oily skin/acne etc. I have been waiting since august for another appointment with my gynaecologist, we have unexplained infertility so im trying to blame it on something and this PCO is the only untoward thing?x

Lilli79 in reply to sammejayne

Hi sammejayne yeah I know what you mean about looking for a reason. Aside from the PCO I've was told I had clear tubes, then blocked tubes then they were magically clear again! The years of tests and misdiagnosis have made me really question if all these tests and consultations are worth it! The oily skin could be attributed to many other things, and I know that the main symptom of PCOS is irregular periods. I had all the symptoms of PCOS for years but my consultant said I definitely don't have it (I'm really not sure how it's actually diagnosed though). Yeah, I would probably ask the consultant for a clearer answer, as you know having one doesn't necessarily mean having the other. When you're in with the consultant it's so easy to miss asking the important questions because they spring a surprise on you! I hope you get an answer, trying to follow a diet for PCOS relief is probably a good thing for fertility anyway, and it might help your skin. I hope you get the answers, I'd be interested to know what your consultant says to see if it matches what mine said xx

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I too have PCO (not syndrome) and donovulate regularly based on various scans / blood tests over the past 2 years. However, when I had an investigatory laparoscopy done I found out I had endometriosis. That is the cause of my inability to get pregnant. The only possible symptom I had was spotting around ovulation between periods.

If you are ineligiable for IVF on NHS they may be prepared to do a lap to investigate. If there is anything untoward that they can remove it may give you a chance to try naturally immediately after. My Consultant suggested trying for 6 months following the procedure.

This didn’t work for me and I ended up doing IVF anyway, but you may want to consider it if you are prepared to have further investigation and doctors agree it’s worthwhile. If you have no symptoms however, they may not be prepared to do it. I was referred through private medical and was totally shocked when they actually going something!

Good luck!


Hi. Just saw this after answering your PCO question. The hormone results are both good. Diane


I have PCO too. I was told it had no impact on fertility and actually most women will get cysts on their ovaries from time to time. My cysts also change from one ovary to the other dependent on hormones. The often disappear on their own so are nothing to worry about. I wasn't told it may be a good thing as it would give more follicles, but I was told I had a very good number of follicles. If it helps, I got my bfp the same month I was told I had pco on my left ovary.

Did your specialist give you any idea of the next steps? Xx

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