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My husband and I have actively been ttc since April. I've had blood tests and I've got high testosterone so have been referred to the hospital. My current cycle is on day 54 with no sign of AF. The think it's PCOS . My insulin levels are in a really good range.

Can anyone tell me what happens next? How long does a referral take? Can the doctor give me anything to bring on AF? I'm 34 have an under active thyroid too. Will I need to speak to a fertility endochrologist?


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  • Hi jhenderson,

    I'm not sure if I can help but,

    Anyway I know that I had some issues with underactive thyroid and my fertility doctor at the clinic) sorted it all out without needing a referral. They can usually tackle most things as they have usually seen every variation of causes of infertility.

    The referral time depends on the hospital- if your anxious if call them to ask xx

    Good luck with your journey

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll give the hospital to the end of the week and I will ring the Doctors to see how long they think it should take to send me a referral letter. I just hope my referral hasn't been lost!

    Where are you on the TTC journey?

  • On the dreaded2ww, it's not as stressful as waiting for appointments but it's pretty close!! Fingers crossed for an appointment soon 😘

  • Hi,

    I have the same problem with my periods my cycles are between 35 and 63 days! Myself and my partner were referred to the hospital back on January the 20th and we received our appointment in the post on the 6th February. The appointment isn't until the 6th April but at least it's something.I'm hoping the doctor will also be able to give me something to bring on AF quicker.

    Have you had an ultrasound yet as they can usually tell from the scan and your bloods as to whether it is PCOS?

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply. I haven't had a ultra sound yet the doctor took blood and I have high testosterone and has referred me to the hospital.

    I've read online that the doctor can prescribe progesterone to bring on AF and a drug called Clomid to make you ovulate but I think a specialist has to prescribe you those not your regular Doctor.

    My Doctor sent a letter to the hospital so hopefully I shall have a reply by the end of the week if the turn around times are similar to yours.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Jherderson. Sorry to hear that you have these problems, but I think you could be referred to an endocrinologist as well as your fertility consultant. He/she may be able to treat you anyway, without further referral. This can take a few months to happen. Meanwhile, there are drugs to start your period, but I think it is more important to sort your hormones out first. In doing that your period may follow. If you do have PCOS then they could try you on either Metformin or Clomid or possibly combine the two. Your GP can't prescribe Clomid. Lots that can be done for you, so hang on in there and you will hopefully be sorted. I hate to mention it, but if you are overweight at all, then do your best to get back to a normal BMI. I just mentioned this as some women with PCOS tend to have a slightly higher BMI. Good luck with it all and I hope you don't have to wait too long. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you for your reply Diane. My BMI is in normal range, I exercise 3-4 times a week and my blood work on my insulin level came back as good.

    Will the endocrinologist deal with the high testosterone level? My thyroid levels were off last time I had them checked but since I have increased my dose of lexothyroxine to 100mg, it has taken about 3 weeks but have started to feel brighter.


  • Hi Jhenderson. Oh that's good to hear. Yes, an endocrinologist can sort out hormones and your thyroid function too. You will need the thyroid levels checking out regularly until you stabilise on "whatever" dose. You may find that you will have to stay on the drug for some years. However this will not be a problem once stable. Glad you are already feeling better on the increased dose. If you are young, then I wouldn't surprised if they try you on Clomid first to get you ovulating regularly - we'll see. Diane

  • I sure would.

    Thyroid conditions often go hand in hand with menstrul problems and TTC

    I'm not sure what AF is .

    Probably something I'm overlooking ?

    I would absolutely get to the best infertility specialist you can find .

    Don't waste time on other doctors who can't help .

    It's your life and you decide how long you want to take to fool around on your time ?

    Some specialist do take a long time .

    I'd just keep calling every week to see about cancellations while you wait for your app.

    Sometimes this does not help they'll say

    " if we get one we'll call"

    I like to do the calling I know I won't forget

    High testosterone levels can do a lot of things .

    I do believe I've heard a lot of women say that they had PCOS with high levels.

    It could delay periods very easily .

    If you are ovulating then you may not be having the full ovulatory cycle .

    Luteal phase can be messed up .

    Not sure what they do I assume give other hormones to balance you out .

    Possibly infertility drugs would be my guess .

    But just get yourself an app and don't give up

  • Thanks I took your advise and rang. The doctor didn't send the referal letter until 10 after our appointment. I Understand how busy they are but 10 days seems a long wait just to send a letter to the hospital for an appointment with a consultant.

    I will be ringing the hospital now to see if they have receive it.

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