Hope for you all!

Hi everyone. I've been meaning to write a post for a while now. I just wanted to give you all a little hope & a good story.

Me & my partner were trying to get pregnant for about 7 years with no joy at all! Because of finanaces & the post code lottery we could not afford any treatment. We paid for the odd tests & the doctor sent me for tests but could never mention it was for infertility because i wouldn't have been checked out. All my results always came in ok. We paid private for my partner to have a sperm test which came back that he only had 1% good morphology which should be around 4%... everything else was good. Again we put it off carrying on with our working lives, going on holidays, still clinging to the hope we'd just get pregnant naturally for another 2 years. But in the mean time i did my own research. I got us the best vitamins to take, i cut some things out, did things like changing my sugar to brown. When we finally went back to the doctors she was very straight with us & said it was very unlikely we would fall pregnant naturally & we need to save to go to a clinic to have treatment as we couldn't apply for the NHS to pay because our area wasn't funded. So that was that & we started to save to go to a local clinic. Nearly a year later i went the doctors for something different & she said she's been trying to get a hold of me! Because changes had been made & we could now apply with the NHS. To our surprise we qualified! We had to choose which clinic we wanted to go to as we could only go to a clinic that had good rates. We chose Nottingham, which is still really far from us but hey who cares when what could potentially be at the end! I would have loved to have gone the London one as there rates were amazing but would have certainly been impossible to keep going back & forth to there! We had a consultation & were offered IVF straight away because of how long we'd been trying. We some had tests, nothing was found with any of us... even my partners sperm was ok! Now i don't no if the results we'd previously had were wrong or because he'd been taking wellman vitamins nearly every day helped! When we started treatment it all seemed to go really quick! I had to inject my belly...i found this really hard at first as i really can't stand needles.. in fact i had a little cry & said i can't believe I've got to go through this! But it soon becomes normal... yes they stung abit but you just have to think what could be after it all! I found the worst bit was when they take the eggs from you...afterwards i was in so much pain i couldn't sit down but it soon wears off with pain killers. The most amazing bit is when i saw my embryo on a big screen & watched them insert it into my womb...yes it was very uncomfortable with lots of people in the room & it was a little painful but overall i was just so happy & excited! Then its the dreaded two week wait... only i just couldn't wait that long! Every day you think about it & although you try not to build your hopes up its too hard not to! But then you still have that familiar negative feeling & think its never going to happen to you! I did a pregnancy test on day 4 i think, that one come out negative. I did another day 6 & i saw the faintest 2nd line ever....but it was there! My partner could not see it only i could! So i did another the day after & yes that said the same! It took the day 8 test for it to show a little darker for my partner to see & believe. It was amazing being pregnant... i loved it but it didn't love me... i soon ballooned but it was mostly swelling & i had bad acid everyday but i really didn't care, the only thing that mattered was the baby. My labour was pretty quick & easy, in fact i enjoyed it because i was finally doing what I'd always wished for! & that moment my baby was put on me was the best feeling ever!

Our little girl is now 8 & a half weeks. She is so beautiful! She is like her daddy's clone! She's so alert with the biggest, brightest eyes I've ever seen. Every day is a busy day looking after her which i totally love! I hate sharing her... i just want her to myself (but i know i can't๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜•). Every day i look at her i know how lucky i am to have her... i love her that much i could just cry! She truely is just perfect!

We've got two more embryos that have been froze, they can only be froze for up to 3 years. So we are saving to have them & hopefully give our daughter some siblings. We're lucky to have age on our side... I'm 28 & my partner is 31.

Well my little angel has woke up now so I'm ending it here. Good luck to you all! Lots of love xxx

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  • What a lovely story, thank you so much for sharing. It's always nice to hear success stories and gives hope to everyone else. Enjoy being with your little bundle of joy and being a mum!

  • Your story has made me cry but in a nice way. Congratulations and have a wonderful family life together. :-) x

  • I really enjoyed reading your story. I'm 29 so I know what it's like to be young and having problems with fertility. Wishing you the best with your baby girl

  • Awww! What a lovely story! Xx gave me goose bumps! Xx

  • Wow Xkedgad, that's such an awesome awesome news.... I'm sure slot of people will relate to this, it's nice to know you had been blessed and now can enjoy the rest of your life with the most precious thing ever, knowing how she got there. Wow. We are going through the same process now, but it's encouraging know the pusitives out if this process. A priceless moment in your life for sure.

  • Thanks for sharing ur story it was lovely to read and I'm so happy that you got ur happy ending it gives hope to the rest of us. By reading ur story I can see how much ur daughter is ur world and its so heartwarming and wonderful xx

  • Thank you for all your lovey replies! Makes me really happy knowing I'm giving some people hope. As i know too well that it's hard to keep the positivity at times! But yes I'm now living my happy ever after & i hope the same happens to you all xxx

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