A message of hope, especially for those with unexplained infertility

Hi ladies. My husband and I decided to start trying for a baby over 3 years ago after our wedding. Looking back, I was probably still in quite a delicate state after the death of my dad 3 years prior but the disappointment of my period coming every month for the first 2 years plus the stress of 2 failed rounds of IVF last year certainly did nothing to help. The frustrating thing was that the doctors could find absolutely nothing wrong with us! At the beginning of this year we decided we'd do one more round and if that didn't work, we'd accept that it just wasn't meant to be. Our marriage was being serious rocked by all the pressure and my anxiety was at a level where we didn't think we could handle more treatment.

Then, about a week before we were due to see the consultant, I was late. No part of me thought I could be pregnant - I just thought it was the stress of starting another round. But I was! I am now 13 weeks pregnant. We had the first scan this week and baby was kicking its legs and high five-ing at us. It was awesome. Most incredibly, our baby is due on what would've been my dad's 67th birthday.

I wanted to share this because I know how rubbish this can be - the emotional roller coaster of treatment, the sadness every time someone announces a pregnancy and you wonder if it will ever be you, trying absolutely everything you can in the hope that it'll be the thing that finally results in the miracle that you so long for....

I'm sending love and lots of baby dust to you all and hope that my story gives you faith that miracles do and will happen xxxxx

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  • Amazing. Congratulations xx

  • Thanks lovely xx

  • Congratulations lovely news x

  • Thank you for sharing this private and emotional journey. It is stories like this that help us all to keep going and give us some hope that it CAN happen. I love hearing happy endings. I wish you the very best with your pregnancy. Enjoy it! X

  • Thanks Jess xx

  • I love hearing success stories like yours. Congratulations xx

  • Wow 13 weeks already massive congratulations xxx

  • Wow! What a lovely message! Thanks for sharing your good news. I'm really pleased you've got some light at the end of the tunnel. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy. Xxx

  • Wow how amazing. Congratulations! And thank you so much for sharing & giving us all a little bit of hope xx

  • Congratulations - great message of hope! Thanks for sharing. All the best to you ☘️

  • Thank you for sharing all of that Sarahmanc. I am so happy to hear your news, massive congratulations!! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy xxx

  • Lovely update and message, hope and miracles are very much needed around here. Congratulations and all the very best for the rest of your pregnancy and beyond xoxo

  • Oh this is lovely! Thank you for sharing. As someone who also has unexplained infertility, this does give me hope xx

  • Ahhhh congratulations! Im so glad your pregnancy is progressing well and you got to meet bubba! Love stories like this!xx

  • Thanks so much for sharing 😊your message has given me hope and huge congratulations to you both too xx

  • Aw that is just lovely news. Really needed to hear that really struggled over easter and seeing everyone with their kids. Recently suffered miscarriage after second cycle of ivf. Trying to mentally and physically prepare for cycle number three. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well Xx

  • Oh darling that's so tough - hard enough to finally get the BFP but for it to end like that is just heartbreaking - I'm so sorry. It's shit but you just have to keep going and one day it will happen xxx

  • wow what a wonderful story, thank you for sharing it. and a massive congratulations to you and your husband, your dad must definitely be watching over you which just makes it ever more special for you. i wish you a nice and healthy pregnancy. xxxx

  • Thank you. Yeah I think Dad probably thought 'she's had enough shit - I'm going to intervene now!' Ha! Xxx

  • This is so lovely to read, congratulations wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy xx

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