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Short protocol Low amh success for anyone?



I had to abandon my ivf yesterday after only 1 follicle was found to be growing. They had found 3 at day 8 of stims, upped my dose of menopur and bemfola but seems this didn't work. I'll be starting the short protocol from next cycle so was wondering if anyone else had a better follicle response on the short protocol. I've read that short is better for low AMH so maybe I should have started with that in the first place? Any thoughts/experiences appreciated

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Hi lovely, I have low amh of about 2.5 i think , prob even less now . I did short protocol ( was on highest dose ) for 14 days in total. Got 7 eggs , 6 mature, 4 fertilised. Xx

Hi, thanks for the reply! They are great numbers, my AMH is 3.9, sounds like short protocol definitely worked well in your case. Nurse said i would be put on the highest dose too so hopefully I get numbers like yours! Thanks for your response

I was told by my doc that protocol goes on age and amh. I was 33 with amh of 9.7.

Started on short p of 300 menopur and fyremadel (cant remember the dose).

Had that for 12 days, had maybe 10 follies but on the day only 5 decent size. Got 4 eggs. Only 1 fertilised correctly and got a grade 5ab (couldnt believe it). Now 26 weeks with our little 5ab.

Good luck for your next cycle xxx

Wow that gives me hope, thank you for sharing and congratulations on your pregnancy, you must be over the moon! Sounds like your doc made the right decision for you and amh result. Long protocol is the standard at my clinic so that's why they put me on that. Am glad to start short protocol soon though, I hope I have a good result like yours, thanks for sharing x

Thank you! We were genuinely amazed that we were successful first time. I was initially gutted that we didnt have any to freeze but we are so lucky to have our pregnancy. I really hope all goes well! Keep us updated with your cycle xx

Hi 24hopefuls,

So sorry you had to abandon your cycle 😢

I was 33 with an AMH of 8.5, did three cycles of long which all had poor embryo development. Moved clinics and they switched me straight to short and I had much better results, currently pregnant and two Frosties left over. I was also on a mixture of Bemfola (300) and Menopur (75).

Sending you lots of positive vibes for your short round xxx

24hopefuls in reply to KiboXX

Wow it definitely had a huge difference for you then, that's really encouraging to hear. Congratulations on your pregnancy and it's great you have some frosties too for the future. Thanks for your reply. I was really down yesterday and felt so hopeless but already 3 responses to say short protocol has been more successful for low amh. Thanks for the hope and best of luck with your little one! x

Long protocol worked better for me. I think it can be trial and error to find the right protocol. But you are right short is supposed to be better for low amh x

Hidden in reply to Lowamh

Sorry to jump in but did you try long and short? X

Lowamh in reply to Hidden

Yes 2 short and then 1 long

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Iv done 3 long and 2 short my amh is 6.2. Fsh is 14 my most successful cycle was on long but then recently it got changed to short now we are going back to long 🙈

24hopefuls in reply to Lowamh

Yes, I've heard it's trial and error.. just wish it wasn't so emotionally hard when it doesn't work out how you hope. Glad that long worked for you x


My AMH was 3.7. I had 6 eggs collected, all 6 fertilised and 4 made it to day 5. I was on short protocol. My 4th and final blastocyst stuck and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in May.

Wishing you all the luck in the world xx

24hopefuls in reply to Jebby86

That's so great to hear! Congrats, enjoy your beautiful baby girl x

In my personal experience - long protocol gives the eggs a better chance. I’ve done 4 cycles and success with long protocol

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