Cycle likely to be cancelled due to one follicle after 7 days on menopur

So I've been on menopur 450 for 7 days now and todays scanned only relived one follicle which was very disappointing the doctor wasn't very confident that I would continue this cycle because he said there is no point collecting one egg but I waiting for a call back once my bloods have been checked. Felt totally deversated but at the same time expecting the news because scans so far hadn't relived much. Just don't really know what to do from here this was my first cycle on maximum dosage and i only produced one follicle. This cycle was on the nhs and I doubt they another cycle with such poor results this time. Has anyone got any hopeful stories or advise on where to go from here feeling quite lost with it all? Dont feel like i have anyone to talk to because others dont really get what the treatment and reaults mean and what do you say to someone with a failed cycle anyway its just so isolating and depressing Xxx

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  • So sorry to hear this nmill, I don't have any advice or experience but I really hope it does work out for you xx

  • Thanks georgina xx

  • Hello i had to have quite alot of menapur also and i was on iy for two weeks in the end, but on the last scan alot of follicles appeared out of no where! My cycle was a fail due to embryo just no implanting so there are many reasons for things not to work its literary one day at a time game. I hope all works out ok for you xx

  • Hi lalab I'm sorry for your failed cycle I've just read your post it's just heartbreaking isn't it and so hard to know what to do for the best, ive not even got to ec stage so im sure youve had it much tougher. Thanks for sharing your story I think my advise is to stop meds and try naturally this week and pray that one follicle has the golden egg xxx

  • Fingers are crossed for you ๐Ÿ˜Š xx

  • If you are entitled to your free NHS funded one I don't see why they wouldn't repeat. They only end funding if you have successful fertilisation don't they? Or at least that's what I thought?! And if you haven't reached that stage your funded cycle is not over?

  • Hi ch319 I really hope so they just seem so vague with that I'm entitled to and said depends on how you respond to the meds but hoping for more clarification tomorrow so hope I know where I stand then xx

  • So sorry to hear this. I had this happen on my last cycle but they did collect the solo egg which did form an embryo. Unfortunately it was a bfn but as I knew they would advise donor eggs after that cycle, I wanted to give my solo egg a chance to do it's thing. I don't know if you've considered donor egg, but I knew after such a poor response, I couldn't put myself through another cycle that would likely end in disappointment. Amazingly I am 8 weeks after a natural bfp while I was on the donor waiting list, but was at peace with the thought of donor eggs if it would give me chance to be a mum. You dont need to rush any decisions though. For now wait to see what they advise, and if the cycle is cancelled, they should offer you a review appointment to discuss your options. My thoughts are with you as I know how painful it will be for you at the moment, but there are still options and hope xx

  • Thank you Anna and congratulations on your bfp it's bringing a tear to my eye because that's so amazing that it happened while on the doner list. They metioned doner egg as a possibility from my first diagnosed so it's always been at the back of my mind but it's all a lot to get your head around but I know I need to be open minded with all of to keep my sanity. Wishing you all the best anna it's makes me so happy when the girls on this site get there bfp xxx

  • This was us too, my cycle was cancelled and they offered to convert it to IUI as they wouldn't put me under anaesthetic when there was just one follicle that they said may not even contain a viable egg. They also said IUI almost never worked in these circumstances but they could do it within the cancellation cost. I was devastated!!! I just wanted to close the doors to the world and lick my wounds, chalk it up to experience and start again asap. Anyway we converted to IUI and have just celebrated our daughters 4th birthday. I know we were so very very lucky but all I would say is while there is even a tiny bit of hope don't give up.


  • Thanks kamt it really helps to hear these stories when everything seems so bleak. had the worse night sleep with it all turning round in my head. Can I ask what the benefits are to doing iui over trying naturally at this point? And did they bring on ovulation for you with a trigger injection ? Xxx

  • Yes, I think that is the real benefit. My ovulation still happened because of a trigger shot so they timed exactly when to collect sperm from my husband and then when to introduce it to me, I think they did something with the sperm too from memory. Apart from that I'm not sure what benefit it would bring but I am forever grateful we took the chance and didn't just give up because I really wanted

  • Thank you katm I'm praying for a similar miracle for myself I don't know how much more my partner and I can take xxx

  • I have everything crossed for you! It is just so the hardest journey ever isn't it? I took so many lessons from this but one of the hardest to swallow is that the things that matter most we have least control over. Please try and take good care of yourself, give your self the time and space you need and don't be too tough on yourself.

    Wishing you every bit of luck with the next

  • Thank you and yes your right I feel that I've learnt so much about myself in this past year it really is incredible what you go through on this journey I think we definitely come out the other side different people with a different perspective on life. The clinic have had that I'm still eligible for treatment and I've got a follow up appointment in a months time so I guess there is still hope, for now I'm stopping all meds and I suppose will give it a go in a fews days just on case. Thanks for your kind words this site really is a life saver at times when everything seems so bleak xxx

  • Hey nmill it's worth asking about the cycle being free next time etc. When I had mine my consultant said it would be free again if they stopped the cycle and I didn't get to egg collection. X

  • Oh emu I've just read your post about 1980s porn (thanks for making me laugh) I hope it's nice and relaxing there (as can be in the circumstances) I'd love to be by the sea right now. I'm with the nhs and they said I'm still eligible for treatment so feeling slightly better and follow up appointment is a month away so just need to try and chill out until then Xxx

  • That's good! I'm glad it's not your last free attempt! Do enjoy this month! Go wild! I'd suggest watching some 80's porn... but apparently it wasn't worth watching! ;) xx

  • Yes I know your right I intend to be kind and do some nice things for myself this month. Bless the men it just makes me laugh how different the medical approaches are for men and women๐Ÿ˜‚Lovely that you've been for a swim and sunbathing it sounds like the ideal thing to be doing just before the et on thursay xxx

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