Well she's had the baby

As I wrote last time my best friend asked me to be her birthing partner along side her hubby well I done it she had her beautiful baby girl this morning at 9:34 she was a healthy 7.14 I thought I would be so emotional but strangely am not to bad just feel it wasn't my place as it was her special moment just really hope one day that would be me and my partner having the biggest smiles and look so happy xxxxx

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  • Well done lynsey86! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it x

  • Thank you hopeful1982 she is beautiful was asked to go back down tonight but going to wait till tomorrow xxxxx

  • What an amazing friend you are!!! IM sure it will be you and your hubby next 😘 not long now is it until transfer? How are you feeling in general. I hope youre friends are only as supportive of you as you are of them xxx

  • Aww thank you lily-white hopefully hun am back in Monday and will find out wot day I no its the week of the 5th but thats if things have went went with the tablets ☺ tbh I feel when it comes to my ivf alot of them just don't bother so I try not to bring it up alot to but ino it must be OK lynsey hope all is well with u hun xxxxxx

  • Well done you, your friend is very lucky to have you it must've taken real strength. You will always be glad that you were there. Enjoy a break and time for yourself tonight.

    Good luck xx

  • Thank you so much daisy14 it defo took alot but I tried just pushing my feelings aside and wanted to be there for her I was back in tonight as took some friends up and Paulmy friends hubby asked me up they got me a beautiful big bunch of flowers time tomorrow to relax with my better half hope all is well with u hun xxxxx

  • That's such a lovely thing to do. Glad you felt ok with it. Hopefully it's your turn soon x

  • Thank you lynnr54 I really hope so hun xxxxx

  • Well done you! Such a brave and lovely thing to do for your friend. X

  • Thank you so much discobec xxxxxx

  • You've done absolutely amazing lynsey86 well done. I bet you're so proud of yourself (and rightly so!). Hopefully be your turn next πŸ’œ x x

  • Thank you so much noodles_ I really don't no how I managed it but I feel OK oh I really hope so hun β™₯ xxxxx

  • You made it through it then! Well done! I told you you wouldn't even think about your own situation there isn't even time all the can think is bout the incredible situation that's happening :) congrats to them xx

  • Yeah I really thought I would be so jealous and emotional Lotbot but I was fine hun xxxxx

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