Baby doppler?

Hello everyone

Although I am 10 weeks and 5 days in my pregnancy now done through ICSI but I am still very paranoid especially I have just been told by my partner that his mate's fiance just lost their fetus. I remember she's 5 months in her pregnancy. This sad news made me even more paranoid and anxious.

I wonder if any of you have used baby doppler where you can use at home to hear the heartbeat? My partner dislikes this idea but I am very anxious andparanoid.


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  • We used one from about the same stage as you are because I was also really paranoid (I still am at 39 weeks!).

    The only problem is that it's not always that easy to hear the heartbeat and if you can't it might worry you more than not even checking.

  • Hi Cyantist

    I actually bought one today and tried it but didn't hear the hb. It did warn me not to do it until about 14 weeks but by then I will have my 13th week scan...

  • I've had many people say that a dopler stressed them more as sometimes they couldn't find the heartbeat

  • I suggest don't do it. If a trained midwife won't always do until way after 16 weeks for fear of worrying mums to be I suggest you don't stress yourself more. Instead find ways to relax and have faith that your body is doing what it should. You are nearly at your next scan milestone right? pay privately for extra scans if it makes you feel happier clinics won't mind - good luck x

  • This is a tough one. My OB found a heartbeat using an abdominal scan already at 8 weeks so I bought a doppler online at 10 weeks after my 10 week (completely abdominal) scan. I cannot find two heartbeats but I'm fine with that as I know that the other one is hiding behind the other one and it is practically impossible to find both with a home device at this stage. I couldn't find it the first time. After some YouTube videos I know now exactly where and what to look for and can indeed find it easily. Sometimes the little ones move around and there was one time I couldn't find the hearbeat and it freaked me out! So all in all I use it every 2-4 days and find it comforting but not quite as much as I would have hoped. The heartbeat is important but there are also other things to consider that can only be found in an ultrasound scan. And once the baby starts kicking the movements should be monitored more closely than the heartbeat (so I've been told). I guess it all comes down to your personality snd circumstances - have you had an abdominal scan yet? Are you prepared for the fear that strikes if you can't find it every time? Are you ok losing Β£20-30 if it's no use? Things to consider! I have a group of ladies that are due in October and one of them uses hers every day and at the other end one of them has decided not to get one because her hubby doesn't want her to get even more stressed - everyone is having a good pregnancy so far but worries all the time with or without a doppler lol xoxo

  • Hi Nesfin

    I bought Angel sounds from Mothercare yesterday and tried it straight away and again this morning but I couldn't find any. I decided now to wait until after I see the midwife on Monday next week as it already started freaking me out. I am also worried about the pressure I put in to my abdomen.

    All this was a reaction to receiving bad news from yesterday and wished that I didn't hear it.

    I will try to calm myself now and have faith as I still have signs of pregnancy such as nausea vomiting sore boobs tirednese etc.

    Thank you for your response ;)

  • I'll pm you with some advice but yes wait until your appointment and try not to stress too much, hugs xoxo

  • Yes I would like to know how to locate it as I will be using it again after my midwife appoibtment. I wonder if it is better to do it on a full bladder and empty stomach?


  • Message sent - full bladder according to some although I have not tested this myself. Chin up and hugs xoxo

  • There's a service in many places where you can hire midwife grade dopplers, usually through your local healthcare. Might be an idea. It's the ones they use at appts. Think you need the midwife to confirm your expecting first and I'm not sure how early you can use it. They don't recommend trying before 12 weeks because there's no follow up for it, if no heartbeats found. and that's very very stressful. I had a midwife offer to listen for me at 10+4 and couldn't find it. I freaked out and got in a right flap. But they won't do anything. Which made it worse. The next midwife i saw was furious that it had even been offered to me. So just tread carefully. Last thing you want to do is buy something for reassurance that ends up having the opposite effect. ❀️

  • Hi misswinky

    I actually decided to return it today as I am getting obsessed with it. I did find the hb in the end after I saw the video on how to.

    I am going to see my midwife next week and see what she says.

    Thank you.

  • Well done. I think that's a good decision xxx

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