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ohss after egg collection :(


Hi everyone had my egg collection yesterday and got 21 eggs. Bad news is the doc said im prone to get ohss now because of so many so they said the will fertilise them and had them frozen. Ive got my next appointment in October 27th to see how I am and start the process of getting my body ready for egg transfer. Feel so deflated but if its the best thing to do then ill do it. Xx

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Hope your we'll Hun, prob not the news you wanted but the good news is plenty of eggs to be fertilised your right in saying it's the best thing for u oct will soon come round, better to have your body as healthy as possible that way when u get to ET you have the best chance of getting your BFP, did they say what is the risk in follicles how many do they like you to have on each ovary on egg collection? Xxx

yeah as me and my husband said its better to be fit and healthy and in a good frame of mind that way we have more of a chance. when i went for my last scan on the wednesday i had 15 follicols and all the time ive been going nothing as been said about me having ohss so to wake up from it and to be told that theres a chance i could get it was like another hit down if u no what i mean but as they say its all for the best

Hi hun this happens to me to. I had my EC in July and got 31 eggs I didnt actually get OHSS but was at very high risk they left my eggs to day 6 and I ended with 11 to freeze. I'm due to start my frozen embryo transfer in the next week honastly the time has gone no where and is feels like last week I had egg collection good luck with everything and hope you have loads to freeze xxxx

Do you know if you will be having natural or medicated transfer? X

hi thankyou for your reply WOW 31 eggs thats amazing and with 11 to freeze is great. im not sure about the transfer yet havent been told anything yet got my next appoint in oct so they will tell me then. yeah it will soon fly almost september now lol hope all goes well with your transfer xx

Hi, the same happened to us, I got 21 eggs too, it's so deflating but totally the best thing as you can be so ill with it. Like Sophie said, the time flies by. It's actually nice to have a break from meds etc. plan lots of nice things to do. I should have started medication about now but it would have clashed with our hols so have had to delay for an extra month.

Good luck and don't feel deflated, it's the best thing xx

I no I have polycystic ovaries so new I would get a good few but was totally shocked when they told me how many I had. I'm having a natural transfer so I don't have any scans or medication at all I just phone on day 1 and go in for my transfer I think it's 6 days after my surge. They want me to do 3 natural before they move on to medicated because I have so any and its better for my body good luck with everything and I hope you have loads frozen xx

Are you showing any signs of having ohss?! I also had 21 collected and I was warned about ohss. I had it very mild and they wanted to wait until day 5 so I got a blasto and got a little better. In the end I only got 1 egg to blasto so they put it back in on day 5 which i was glad about. I was never told I would have to wait so it was a little different for me. I hope you get lots to freeze but it really does only take one. Our little fighter is 12 weeks 4 days today. Good luck with your journey xx

Hello Mrsgoodbye2015, I had signs of mild OHSS too. They didn't make a decision on whether they would transfer until a few days after collection when I had another scan. In the end our transfer went ahead but I remember it being incredibly disappointing thinking it could be cancelled as we were all geared up for transfer. That said, you definitely want your body to be ready for transfer and, in the scheme of things, although it seems an eternity a couple of months delay isn't that long x

What is ohss

Hi There. I know you are disappointed, but it is probably the best thing to do. I had my egg collection last week, and have barely been able to move since. It's been so, so painful. I will be calling my GP tomorrow, as I have received absolutely no clear guidance from my clinic. In fact, they have probably made things worse. All the best, H.

Hi everyone just a quick update i had 6 frozen yeahhhh :) after these few days have passed im glad now its having a break as ive not felt well over the last few days. Because I suffer with constipation anyway it just felt worse as I wanted to go but my belly was too tender to go. I had not been for 8 days so I took a laxative and a few hours later it worked. Now im having pain when I wee and my belly still swollen so not quite myself yet :( xx

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