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Feeling angry with myself

Hi lovely ladies I am starting my 3rd transfer in September getting my injection tomorrow one injection you get on a thaw cycle and again we were told to have safe sex stupidly my partner and aye were fooling about this morning and for a few mins we didn't have safe sex until I realised so now I am panicking we wont get my injection tomorrow and won't get.my transfer does anyone no if I will or not as I said only a few mins then I realised xxx

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Don't worry about it. No one will know if you don't say anything, and like you say it was only for a few mins. Forget it happend and good luck with your cycle xx


Wish I kept my mouth shut now not long back from Edinburgh and they couldn't give me my injection am so upset and thank you xxxxx


I suppose they do have rules. I think it's incase you get pregnant naturally this cycle....

. How ironic.

I had something similar happen to me when I had the lap and dye test, I had sex on the first day of my period, I was honest like you and they cancelled the procedure , I was really miffed you feel like yourwaisting time.its disappointing but

Try and stay positive for your next cycle. X


Hey defo have rules hun just don't understand tho as my tubes are blocked and can't fall pregnant myself, aww huni that's horrible we defo go through some journey the outcome is so worth all the pain and heartache we all go through thank you clairol xxxxxx


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