Post Egg Collection/Feeling terrible

Egg collection was Monday, They got 3. 1 fertilised. We were supposed to go for a day 3 transfer. On Thu my stomach turned with constipation. Never experienced anything like it. The nurses over the phone just did not understand! Who in their right mind would jeopardise embryo transfer day? I was in agony, in the end my husband said we won't be able to make the appointment. So we now have a day 5 transfer, tomorrow.

I am gutted and scared. The nurse did say if the embryo doesn't survive until Saturday then it would not have survived even if the transfer had, taken place on Day 3. But it doesn't help.

Worst thing is my stomach is so sensitive now, im drinking lots of Kangen water which will help with the constipation and eating prunes, mainly just liquids and salads. But what i dont understand my diet was a healthy one, then how did this situation get so bad?

I feel worse, when family know you're going through ivf yet you dont get much support from them at all. My Husband is immensely supportive but sometimes, when you have been there for every member of your family in every situation, yet when its your turn, no one is to be seen, that can be upsetting.

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  • I think it's a side effect from treatment and EC drugs etc I always suffer, tinned fruit and tons of water usually work for me.

    Hope your feeling better xx

  • Thank you Button-123

  • Hey Hun I'm the same as you in that I only had 3 eggs collected today. A bit deflated but will see what they say tomorrow. Hope you are feeling better soon xxx

  • Wising you all the best for tomorrow! It is very tiring i agree, but as they all say you simply only need the one. xxx

  • I had awful constipation after my first EC. I think it was from the anaesthetic so I took precautionary measures for the 2nd time. Laxatives that are suitable for pregnant ladies are OK following ET. I hope it all goes well for you and you get a BFP.

  • Thanks for that information. Just frustrated that they, the nurses or Dr's dont advise you of such matters. As you are already sore after Egg Collection, then to suffer with constipation.

    If you know, then you can take measures for it.

    I will be going in for Egg Transfer tomorrow so will ask them for Laxatives which will be good. Roughly after Egg Collection, how long does the constipation last for? Is a few weeks?

  • It's another thing to add to the list of indignities. I just bought some laxatives from the supermarket. For me it lasted only a couple of days once the laxatives did their thing I was fine. But on top of that there's the bloating so the uncomfortable feelings lasted a week or so. I was told this was normal.

    Good luck for ET.

  • I was the same, so painful! Mine lasted for a long time, my doctor prescribed lactolose which helped. Good luck for your transfer x

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