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Had a scan yesterday did my Ovulating injection last night and then Egg Collection tomorrow 😊 This past few weeks has flown by! Feeling nervous for tomorrow as never had a medical procedure before, any tips? We are going to stay in a hotel tonight as live 2.5hours from clinic, so trying ti think of it as a nice break and look forward to my last bath tonight! Does anyone know am i supposed to put hot water bottle on my tummy every night up to transfer or do I stop tomorrow? Thanks

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  • Good luck Rosy, hope all goes well. I was at your stage a few weeks ago and it was absolutely fine and all very calm and the procedure itself I cannot remember anything about it, had a lovely sleep.

    Not sure about the hot water bottle I never used any of that but I have read its a definite no no afterwards.

    Wishing you a good few days.


  • Thank you for your reply, in hoping that mine will be like that too then 😊 Were you sore afterwards? Theyve told me to take paracetamol so hoping that means its not that bad and 1-2hours afterwards to go home.

  • I was a bit tender for a few days but nothing unbearable and paracetamol covers it.xx

  • Good luck I can't wait to start xxxx

  • Good luck! It's not that bad at all. I fell asleep during it and only woke up once. Β I found the pain wasn't too bad afterwards, though when I sneezed or moved suddenly for a few weeks afterwards I could feel it as it takes a while for your ovaries to shrink back to normal size!Β 

  • Good luck for tomorrow Rosy. I know I didn't feel a thing and so it was a nice experience because you have that feeling that thigs are finally happening! And when you get told how many eggs they got, that's a proud moment! All the best x

  • Thanks everyone😊 Made me feel much better nowΒ 

  • Hey, hope you don't mind me asking but what is the hot water bottle for? I'm currently injecting gonal- f and I am trying everything I can find to maximise my chances but I haven't heard of hot water bottles being used. Good luck with everything.Β 

  • Hi MVB My acupuncturist who is a zita west specialist said it helps make you womb lining nice and thick ready for embryos and more chance of implantation I believe. A hot water bottle on your tummy every night before bed when stimming and after egg collection (helps blood flow and healing) then when get to transfer stop heat and try and keep temp normal and no hot water bottles and no baths. Ive got a good visualisation cd too if you want to borrow it to put on ipod? Ithelped calm me today before egg collection 😊

  • Thanks, that sounds like something I can do. My knowledge of technology is sadly lacking, how do I borrow something for an iPod? Thanks so much for the offer. I'm literally trying everything I can think of.

  • Im not sure if i can send it online but can post you cd? Then can but it on your phone or ipod like that? Let me know and pm me your address and just post it back to me when youve done it 😊 Weve just been told 14 have fertilised!!! So all my hard work been paying off, i have been really strict tho with what i eat n drink etc too and hottie every night (sure thats helped) xx

  • 14 is fantastic! Don't worry about the cd. You have enough on your plate at the mo and I'm sure I can get one on my phone. Thanks very much for the offer though. I hope that being strict with diet helps as I'm craving chocolate in a bad way. πŸ˜‰Β 

  • Sorry to jump in, I'm starting my home injections on 19th April, are there certain foods they advise not to eat? Xx

  • I was advised to avoid all caffine (tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, chocolate, obviously alcohol, process type foods and to avoid chilli in anything as can cause inflammation which is not good when embryos go back in. Also a higher protein diet at least 60g a day, i tried to have an omlette for breakfast every day to get extra protein n more veg. I take pregnacare vitamins too. Xx

  • Brilliant thank you :) xxx

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