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Waiting blood test results at St Mary's

Hi all ,

Just wondered if anyone else had a big wait on blood test results .

I have been referred for IVF on the NHS .

I've already done all the form filling and had a laparoscopy last year which was ok !

They did 5 blood tests on me , and also blood tests on my husband and he then gave a semen sample a week later .

It's now 8 weeks and I am still awaiting to hear !

Has anyone else had a bit of a wait ! I just want to get going as I'm 38 years old !

Cheers xxx

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Hello I would give them a call, like you we have had all the tests done, my last test was last week and I phoned yesterday spoke to my consultants secretary and she is sending me the first available appointment which is mid Sept xxx


Hi leah345. I agree with "Button-123" do give them a ring and see if you can push them along a little. Good luck! Diane


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