EC all well

I had my EC this morning went in at 8am was given some forms to sign and put the gown on , then given an antibiotic and pessaries told i was 2nd to go into theatre, at 9am the nurse came to get me walked into theatre the usual identity checked lay on the bed and then had sticky pads places on my chest , then the bit I hate the canula The doctor put the drug in and I remember saying i felt weird and then i was out of it. had abit of discomfort after waking up i was given some painkillers a cup of tea and biscuits

I was allowed to stand up after an hour and go to the toilet , then the nurse said i was ready to leave

I was told they got 5 eggs was hoping there was more but staying positive ,i will find out tmrw how many fertilise My transfer should be either wednesday or Friday , then roll on the longest 2WW

good luck to everyone Xx

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  • That's great Ro5ie, sounds like it all went smoothly. Fingers crossed for fertilisation! x

  • Rest up and make sure you get lots of tlc :-)

    Good luck for the phone call tomorrow x

  • Get lots of rest, look after yourself and good luck with the call tomorrow. Thank you for letting us know how your experience went, I'm about a week behind you and feeling pretty nervous about it all but reading real life experiences really is helping. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow xxx

  • Hi, Im so glad it went well for you! Thank you so much for explaining what you went through it has helped me prepare myself for my EC tomorrow. You are one step closer now. Just rest up and take it easy. Will keep my fingers crossed for you xx

  • thank you everyone all the best for your ec lou79 , Im feeling abit weird this morning my partner said it could be the anesthetic making me feel like it , cant wait for the call to find out how many fertilised excited and nervous xx

  • Try not to fret about the number of eggs collected...we only has 5 collected, the following day they called to say 3 had fertilised, but on transfer day only 2 were suitable for a 3day transfer. I tried to put this at the back of my mind (difficult when you feel like the odds are against you!) but thrilled to report a positive test result yesterday!!!

    Keep positive & take care of yourself! Best wishes xxx

  • thank you yarwoody Im waiting for the phone call my transfer may be tmrw or fri feeling excited,

    congratulations wish u a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

  • I had my EC last week only collected 8 but only one made it so i had a day 2 transfer trying not to think too much on that i was stressing at the time but i guess it only takes one good one. Wish u all the best ladies x

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