EC all done!

Well home now after EC - that managed to collect 13 eggs so was really pleased with that as I only had 12 follicles. Will have to wait & see tomorrow how many are mature & have fertilised....

Thanks to everyone for the messages of luck - it really means a lot. It really was ok & I don't really remember anything apart from when they had to put the speculum back in to check for bleeding.

Still in some discomfort but will be taking painkillers as soon as I can. Hubby currently making lunch - I'm starving!!

Have a good day everyone xxx🌌🌌🌌🌌

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  • Well done Pumpkin36! Thats a great number, good luck for the call tomorrow....fingers crosssed for fertilisation!xx

  • Thanks hun! Yep another anxious wait now! Xx

  • That's fab news! We heard just now our donor produced a great number for us so we are very pleased and excited. Fingers crossed for the next step! Xx

  • Thank you! The great news for you too - wishing you all the best xx

  • Wow that's great, lots of rest now ready for transfer xx

  • Thanks button xx

  • Yay - it's done! Put your feet up, relax and hopefully lots of good news will follow over the weekend xx

  • Thanks CountryCat 😊 resting on the sofa & plan to be here all weekend! Fingers crossed for tomorrow! Xx

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