Worried About EC? Don't be!

Hey guys, I had my first ever Egg Collection today, and I must say, I built it up to be a lot worse than it was.

When I went in, they gave me a gown and a hair net, I popped them on and waited a little while to be taken. Then they took me through to the theatre, I sat down in the chair with my feet in stirrups, then they popped the needle in my hand and off I went to sleep. Next thing I knew, I was back in the recovery ward. I was really panicking about the sedation because I've had sedation before for another procedure and I remember the whole thing, but this was completely different. I didn't feel or hear a thing.

When I came round, I felt fine and got some toast and tea. Then on the walk back to the car, I started getting stomach cramps. They weren't the best, but once I got home and got a hot water bottle and a make shift bed on the sofa, I felt a lot better. The nurse said before I left that they "got 9", but I have no idea if that's eggs or follicles. I'll find out what the situation is tomorrow.

I just wanted to ease anyone else that might be about to go through this!

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  • Thats brilliat. Finally ec is over. Ithink you got 9 eggs bevuz its the follicle that contain the egg.plz correct me if im wrong anyone. Well done to you for getting through that. I hope tomarow is a bright day for you.....Wish you all the best.xxx

  • Thank yoooou!

  • thanks for sharing this Pandash. It's definitely the part of the whole process that many of us worry about. I know I am. I've never had any form of op so you don't know what to expect. You've put my mind at rest. Hope your little eggs fertilise and grow!xx

  • Glad to be of service! It really wasn't bad at all. And actually, other than the couple of pains I had in the car, I've been pretty pain free today. Just kept topped up on my painkillers and kept my heat pad with me. I also haven't slept, I woke up from the sedation feeling pretty refreshed and awake, so I've just been Netflixxing all day. Not too shabby! Thanks for your good wishes - the same to you!

  • Thank you for this, I should be having mine within the next week and I'm worried about how much I'll feel! You've helped to reassure me!


  • Seriously nothing at all to worry about, you'll do great! X

  • That's great! Thanks for sharing your experience and I'm so pleased to hear it went well. I'm a bit worried about whether I'll get to egg collection as I've been told my oestrogen levels have shot up and I need to coast but if I do, you have helped put my mind at rest about the procedure!

  • Good luck, i hope it all works out. And when you get an EC, you'll be fine! X

  • Thank you for posting this! I have mine sometime next week and was starting to get nervous. Well done on your 9 eggs that's fab πŸ‘ Xxx

  • Good luck! X

  • Had mine today aswell. Like you found it simple and easy compared to other ops. Got slight cramps but going to grab the got water bottle to help and taking paracetamol.

    They got 5 eggs from me but only 3 were mature. We quizzed the embryologist when she came into see us! Find out tomorrow before lunch about fertilisation. Good luck cycle buddy x

  • Thank you, good luck to you too! For some reason I just went totally blank when the embryologist came back in and it wasn't until later on that i was thinking, man, i should have asked more questions! But anyhow, I'm in the exact same boat as you. Here's hoping we get good news tomorrow lunchtime! X

  • Yeah hubby was all excited when she said 5 but then I was like woah there partner, how many mature.

    I made her promise to look after them lol, I mean geez, like she wouldn't

  • Im glad you had such a good experience. I went in thinking it not be a big deal which it wasn't the tea and toast with peanut butter was to die for. I was ok up until 5pm then I was in pain like I have not experienced for years. I could barely walk and doubled over in pain. This lasted 3 days and I had to take an additional day off. Paracetamol did nothing I was dosed up in codeine. Consider yourself luckyπŸ€xx

  • Ooft that's not so good! For some reason the afterwards pain was something i didn't even think about until after the procedure, i think my head was just so worked up about that to consider anything else! X

  • I'm 5 wks pregnant now so it was all worth it !πŸ‘πŸ€β™₯xx

  • Ahhh good news! It will be 9 eggs not follicles. I'm in for my first collection on Monday morning with 11 follicles 🀞🏼 Xxx

  • Good luck tomorrow, you'll do great!

  • Great news! I found it pretty easy too.

    Now keep up your water levels so you wash out as much of the trigger before transfer.

    You likely got 9 eggs, which is a great amount!

    Best of luck on the rest of the journey...

  • I'm going mental on the water, so bored of it! :)

  • Thanks for sharing I'm hoping for ec in the coming weeks so it's good to know that all was straight forward and not to painful. Fingers crossed they retrieved 9 little fingers xxx

  • Even afterwards and the next few days were alright too! Not too sore at all x

  • Thank you so much for sharing. Im goinv for egg collection tomorrow:) Well done you xxx

  • Ooh I hope it went well :D

  • nice words of comfort for those just coming up to this for first time!! sounds like 9 eggs so bloody well done!!! xxxx

  • Thank yoooou :D x

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