An update: all going well, so far

It has been absolutely heartbreaking to hear so much sad news on here over the last few days - I am thinking of you all.

After some initial hiccups (i.e. Being told I had a polyp and they had to cancel my cycle - then being told it was all a mistake and there is no polyp) things are going well, so far.

Egg collection on Tuesday went well and I had a call this morning to say we still have quite a few good embryos so will have a 5-day transfer Sunday. I know how quickly things can change, so am trying not to get my hopes up. I'm just glad we have managed to get this far.

I'm still feeling a little bloated and sore following EC but nothing too bad. The worst is the mental gymnastics - the jumping and twisting in my head which goes something like this: "yay, we might be pregnant soon. No - don't get your hopes up. It could go horribly wrong. What if it doesn't work or it does and I miscarry, how would I cope. But what if it does work - how amazing. No, don't get your hopes up". It is exhausting! Hopefully some of the apps you lovely ladies have recommended will help.

We may also have a decision as to whether to transfer one or two on Sunday. I don't believe our clinic forces you to only have one (although they certainly put pressure on you to only transfer one). We have no idea what to do. From the HFEA website it appears that in my age group (I'm about to turn 36) at my clinic the live birth rate per embryo is 30% and the live birth rate per cycle 50%. 40% of people have 2 embryos transferred, 40% eSET and 20% only have one to transfer. But then all the risks with two sound quite scary. And I'm only very petite too... (not sure whether that makes a difference or not).


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  • All the good wishes with you. Fingers crossed... Dont Worry everything will be fine.. Xx

  • Thank you - I hope so!

  • Fingers crossed xx

  • Thanks!

  • Hi London7. Try not to dwell too much on any negative news you read on here, as there’s so much positive news too! Obviously, treatment is not always successful first time round, but many do go on to have success. Your embryos are doing so well, that I feel certain that you will be able to have a few to store frozen for future use, so well done. They will be quite safe for later. It is a difficult decision to know whether to have a single embryo transfer or to have two, but trust your embryologist and listen to his/her advice. While your mind is playing havoc at the moment, do take up any opportunity to have a session of counselling, as it often gives you the chance to talk over your fears and to get your head straight again. I just wanted to wish you well with all of this and your decision making. I will be thinking of you on Sunday as you go for transfer. Keep up with the extra water for a bit to continue to settle your ovaries. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, I really appreciate it!

  • Good luck & fingers crossed for you...xx

  • Thank you! Hope you're holding up well during the 2WW x

  • I'm ok thanks - slightly in denial about the whole thing to be honest & just trying to carry in as normal...

  • Good luck for Sunday London xxx

  • The 2 or 1 is so hard. Because of my age and being healthy I was told I would have 20 to 25 per cent chance of twins. But fundamentally I had 2 put in to achieve 1. Yes I did have 2 implant and I have one healthy pregnancy and one empty sac now. There is a risk to my healthy pregnancy when my body finally realises one baby isn't there yet... but I wouldn't change having 2. I had 1 put in on my first go... I think when you get to day 5 you will know how many viable embryos you have. I had a lot frozen so I asked them to be stored in pairs as I knew I would try 1 first then opt for 2 on a frozen cycle. I am not sure if your body size makes a difference but I did feel more confident with 2 because I am tallish. Good luck... xx

  • Hi ladies. I am also likely to have a FET next and was wondering about 1 or 2 embryos .... But I've never heard of storing them in pairs??

    What's the advantage? Is it cheaper that way when they thaw?

  • Good luck for Sunday! Is this your first cycle ? It may be better and safer to transfer one to begin with. If it takes, then great- and looks better for future pregnancies... If it doesn't then ur next FET transfer could be 2?

    That's the logic I went with (but because I was NHS funded they wouldn't have transferred more than one anyway to begin with).


  • Thanks - it is my first cycle. I'm also NHS funded but at our info session one other couple really pressed the clinic as to whether we could have two transferred if we wanted to do so and they eventually admitted that yes, they would transfer 2. But I'm getting ahead of myself anyway - who knows how many and what grade they will be by Saturday! So I guess I just have to trust the clinic's advice then. If I do have Frosties it will make it easier to go with just one knowing there is a possibility of an FET if it doesn't work out. We still have one more NHS round up our sleeves if this doesn't work but the waiting list for round two is at least 5 months and the financial (being self employed and missing work for appointments etc) and emotional cost of a fresh cycle is just so high.

  • Oh wow! Very similar to me- I'm

    Self employed too and the amount of work I've missed I could probably have funded a whole cycle!

    Unfortunately we only get one NHS go.

    I believe if your embryos are of poorer quality or you're in the older age bracket they will often transfer 2 if they can justify it. But one good blastocyst and they may recommend not to.

    But as you say- don't get too ahead of yourself- just weigh diff options so it's not a shock to you and discuss with them your concerns and queries when time comes.

    If they decide to transfer two I believe they will often do this on day 3 rather than 5- so be prepared for that too x

  • Oh sorry I just realised you're already on day 3... I believe by day 5 they prefer 1 but it can increase the likelihood of it splitting into two itself or something like that! Lol sorry if I'm confusing you, hope your clinic can answer your q's x

  • You just described everything what's going on in my head now, it's so exhausted! πŸ˜”But we are here to try right?! Whatever comes we will fight till the end!πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

    Good luck on Sunday! I will be with positive thoughts ❀️

  • Hope for the best; expect the worst.

    Sounds harsh. But it's a good motto.

    Keep your positive thoughts of hope the biggest part of your mind. YOU CAN DO THIS xxxx

  • Thanks Emu. You really are amazing to still be offering support after all you have been through. I hope you are doing as well as you can in the circumstances. Xx

  • Good luck for Sunday xx

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