EC on Friday

Hey all,

Had final scan today. I've a lovely lining - so I was told by 2 nurses lol

I only have 3/4 follicles I think that are big enough so praying they good eggs. Am on Friday for EC so trigger tonight at 10pm.

One of my ovaries was being an idiot and all awkward so they were thinking might have to go to original main clinic for GA procedure but apparently the main clinic near me is ok with it.

So will Inject tonight, go into school tomorrow, try be quite calm and see my acuptunture guy after !

So Remembrance Day Friday will be a very different type of day for me!!! X

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  • Just wanted to say good luck hun!! Xx

  • Thank you. Am a bit scared of outcome but I can only hope and pray x

  • That's all we can do :) I have my first scan for stimming this Friday. Been taking bemfola since last Friday. I feel like they will tell me there isn't anything growing!!

  • It is proper scary as who knows what's going on.

    Hope you've a good scan Friday though x

  • Wishing you all the luck for Friday Allie...

  • Good luck all the best! That came round quick xxx

  • God I know. Thanks xxx

  • Hey! Good luck .... i'll have my EC on friday as well. Exciting times! X

  • Good luck too Hun! Here's hoping it's successful for us both. Where abouts are you xxx

  • We're in Edinburgh - im trying to stay positive i think we'll have about 6 follicles of the pefect size (they took a little while to get going though!) what about you guys? X

  • In Essex. I think 3-4. I know I've one at 20! What time your trigger?

    Just hope there a couple good eggs on there x

  • My collection is scheduled for 10 torrow so trigger shot at 11pm tonight... you only need one good one to stick! Im trying not to get hung up on numbers its quality that matters most 😊

  • Do you mean 10 Friday?

    My trigger is 10pm tonight then straight to bed lol. I've to be in clinic 930 Friday so assume must be going in 10ish.

    Yeah I only get one put back under nhs so just hope it good and strong. The nurse said that to me today. Ignore what other women have said about how many just hope for one fab one x

  • I meant 10am friday for colllection and 11pm tonight for my shot! Im under nhs as well so just one gets put back (hopefully a strong one) how many cycles do you get down south? Xx

  • EC buddies pretty much :)

    I have 2 cycles, this is my first and hopefully last. Am lucky though as in south east essex and it's still available. North and mid essex no longer fund through nhs it's disgusting.

    Originally under from hubby sperm morphology but when got to clinic I found out my Amh was only 5.5 which is a lot lower for my age of 33 so means less chance. Just hoping it works x

  • Crazy post code lottery - at least in scotland everyone gets 2 cycles its just tge wait time that varies.

    Good luck for Friday xx

  • You too Hun. Fingers crossed for us both xxx

  • Good luck x

  • Best of luck for Friday!

  • All the best for Friday!x

  • Thank you all.

    I didn't last the school day. Felt quite sick and very tired. Kids wore me out so was sent home to rest x

  • Just wanting to wish you all the best for tomorrow πŸ€ X

  • Good luck with EC - hope all goes well for you! x x x

  • Good luck to you for Friday hope all goes well xx

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