Clomid or Femara plz help

Hello everyone I have not been on this fr a while now. I'm going for a test to chk my tubes and if that comes bk clear then I'll start treatment. My Dr said its going to be clomid I did ask if there was anything else available she said no. I have been doing research and found out femara is a better option does nhs in the UK provide this medicine or is it only in USA please help as I I don't know what to do :'(

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  • Is this my only option for treatment to begin with my Dr made it very clear it is I just feel extremely nervous taking it the side effects one being this thins the line of the uterus what does this mean and my cervical fluid will less and less if therefore it will make more harder to have baby this has put me off completely. Should I go private and ask for second opnion. :'(

  • Hi I've just done my third cycle of Clomid and it hasn't made my cervical mucus any less. I have terrible hot flashes my body temperature is so hot at the minute. My progesterone reading is so much higher now with this medication. If it's the option recommended then try it, it's only a few months.

    Good luck

  • Medically I cant advise you. Talk about your concerns through with your fertility consultant. Your fertility consultant will know what is the best option for you. x Most ovulation induction first line of treatment will be clomid. x Ive just started this month taking clomid and ive had no unpleasant side effects. I feel fine! You may not get any of the side affects.Like Mrsjj my cervical mucus hasn't be affected. Good luck x x x

  • Thanks guys for your reply very much appreciated.

  • Hi-

    I got pregnant on month 6 of chomid, think it just depends on the person and how your body responds! Good luck X

  • Thanks for your reply

  • hello.

    ive had some side effects from chlomid but I suffer with a variety of other health issues. the tablets I have found that they taste like refresher sweets.. they left me with a dry mouth and few headaches but nothing I wouldn't normally suffer with linked with other health conditions. I would advise defiantly speaking to your medical health care professional as they know what they are doing although sometimes we get more frustrated with them with the journey.. wishing you all the luck xx

  • Thank you for your reply.I asked the Dr if they had any other treatment available she said we'll do u know of any that really annoyed me I was asking her for help she the Dr ur right sometimes the Dr makes things alot harder for us than needs to be .

  • Keep pushing for extra support its an awful journey to be on .. Feeling it all myself latley and can't shake the feeling of it all off xx

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