Prescription 4 Clomid

Hello everyone just would like some advice

I started my period 25 nov16 when came home from work found a letter with prescription attached for clomid now saturday i have rang up a few pharamcy to get the clomid so that i can start taking it im on cycle day 2 no luck as no clomid available on site where could i get it from otherwise ill have to wait untell next month. Thanks lovely ladies x

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  • Goodness me what a horrible position to be in.

    I was issued a prescription for clomid on our appointment-I got my first three months from the hospital pharmacy-it was ready in half an hour.

    Is the hospital pharmacy open where you are being treated-they will no doubt have clomid there. Worth a call.

    Good luck I hope that you manage to get hold of the clomid and can start today.


  • Should i take the clomid now and ring on monday for follocle scan but what if they say we dont hve ny appointments left then what shll i do im just in a akward place

  • Thnks i hve mnaged to get some clomid but just dont know if i should start taking it or wait untell next month

  • So pleased you managed to get the clomid horay!

    When I was at my appointment I happened to luckily be on cd2 and asked if I could start that day-my consultant said yes! So I did. My clinic aren't monitoring me. I'm currently on my 4th cycle.

    My consultant has given me the days to try on cd10-22. (Ovulation tests can be affected by the clomid) There is also an online app that calculates ovulation date after taking clomid -as it can alter when you ovulate.

    If you want my opinion I would start take it today. Why wait another month!

    I would recommend taking the clomid in the evenings as if you get side effects doesn't affect you during the day-I get hot flushes whilst I'm on the clomid.

    All the very best I hope it brings you a positive soon


  • Thanks you sooo much for ur help and time i appreciate it alottttttt yes im going to go for it feel so teary right now finally the day has come here it goes xxxx

  • Aww bless you sweetie. I can remember feeling like that when we got a prescription for clomid. It is a big step forward. X.

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