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polyps on womb gone!!

So today I had appointment to have the polyps on my womb removed, my doctor said I should have heard from ivf clinic by now so e is going to inform them that I have had the polyps removed and my essure procedure completed and am now hopefully ready to begin ivf treatment!

When I had my essure procedure I found it very painful but today was a lot easier for me I was surprised how fast it was and have to say the doctors and nurses at my hospital have been fantastic during these procedures really cant fault them!

I guess now we just wait and see when we can begin our treatment, exciting times!

good luck to you all on your journeys fingers crossed xxx

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Great news about your polyp being removed that will definitiely help your chances of ivf working. I'm awaiting a date for a fibroid to be removed. Hopefully you'll hear from your clinic soon and won't have too long to wait esp as your dr is chasing it up. ;) X


hi honey....

yes I hope so, I have had so much waiting as we all have I think!! lol, but relieved I can finally start the process of ivf!! :) good luck having your fibroid removed I hope all goes well and your not waiting to long!! :))


Hi they removed mine when I had my hystroscopy x if you haven't already had it x


no I don't think I already had that, something else to look forward to I suppose! lol good luck with your journey honey xxx


Bleugh! Good luck to you too! X


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