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Follicle scan today but now they think there's a polyp in my womb?

So had my first scan during the cycle. 24 follicles so that bits going well but they think they've now seen a poly on my womb.

Getting scanned again in a couple of days but if it's still there it will mean we can't implant until its removed.. Gutted.

Anyone else any experience with polyps?

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The follicle situation is amazing! Congratulations! Sorry to hear about the polyp and don't know anything about them to advise but try and focus on the amazing positive and worst case scenario and transfer delayed fets can have higher success rates as your body is not recovering from all the drugs. Hoping you can go ahead as planned though as know delays are tough to handle.xx


Thank you, yeah just have to wait now and see how the next scan is, not much I can do but just very frustrating that's there's probably another bump in the road. Hope things are going well with you xo


Yes its all hard enough so really need things to run as smoothly as pissible for sanitys sake. Hang in there and just deal with each bit of info as it comes. I'm okay thanks. Had my prostap injection yesterday which was grand and start gonal f 2moro evening. Been a little bit of a psycho with my husband for a day or two there so that wasn't nice but hopefully these injections wont cause too many emotional mood swings. Worst bit now is the reality setting in and the fear of how i'm gonna feel if it doesn't work. I'm terrified they will suggest donor eggs as i really dont want to but wont be able to begrudge my husband. Anyway...lets just pray it doesn't come to me signing up to something that will kill me just to make him happy.


Aw bless you.. Its definitely hard not to think of all the ways things might go wrong the closer you get.

But if it does come to that make sure you don't rush into anything you're not comfortable with. But I hope with all my heart that things will go smoothly for you! I found I was much more emotionally stable as I got into the injections so hopefully you're the same lol Xo

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Good to know...i hope i'm the same as my poor husband can't take many more emotions lol. Thanks. Fingers crossed for your next scan 🤞


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