Still not started treatment!

Hi everyone ...

As some of you have read in my previous posts, I was told I would need ivf almost a year ago, but would need two procedures before hand one to take polyps of my womb and another essure procedure ( putting a tiny device in each tube to stop fluid being released into womb) so I knew and understood there would be delays, having had both procedures completed I then developed pid pelvic inflammotry disease, then waited ages for another appointment, told ivf doctor wanted me to have another scan, have scan then wait ages again for another appointment to be told I will now be referred to ivf! phoned them a week ago as haven't heard anything, told I have appointment weds (tomorrow) with a different doctor to discuss next step! i keep thinking maybe someone is trying to tell me its not meant to be! feeling really emotional at moment sorry for the rant! lol just feel already drained and ivf hasn't even started yet! :( xxx

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  • Keep at them, I got lost in the system and it took 9 months for my first fertility appointment.

  • I feel your pain! It took me over 2 years and lots of complaints to get my referral to the IVF unit. However, all I can say is once you get to the clinics they are quick and efficient and the experience is totally different! Hang in there it will all be worthwhile xxxx

  • Thank you..I have yet another gynae appointment today...but this time with a different doctor I have googled him and it seems he is very good and specialises in ivf treatment! so I go to see him at 4 pm fingers crossed!! lol xxx

  • Get on to them, you are doing no harm. I ring the hospital daily now to chase up my referral, and this is the third hospital I have been under. I never feel guilty now as it is my life passing by.... Good luck with it all.x

  • I feel your pain, We have been quite straight forward as in no other problems etc and have been waiting almost a year now finally got to our chosen and they are repeating most of the tests again. So frustrating but no other way,do keep chasing them though as my first referral never got there and I believe we are only this close because I ring and chase everything up now x

    Keep your chin up almost there now and like the others have said fingers crossed its goes quick from this point xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • It took 10 months from my GP referral to my first NHS appointment so I know just how frustrating all the waiting is! Fingers crossed things will start moving after this appointment! Good luck! x

  • Well saw the first doctor who I saw almost a year ago when I started tests for infertility!, who didn't have a clue why I was back at gynaecology clinic, after apologising a million times, she told me she was going to write to them again with my details, and that she is going to personally call them to chase up my start date for treatment! She said I will have definitely started treatment in the next 3-4 weeks, and should hear from them again very shortly! So hopefully I will have heard from them soon but so disappointing that nothing has happened on my appointment yet again, and still have not been seen by ivf people! :( xxxx

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