Bleugh just done a test as today was the day - I'm out of the game! After getting a negative on Friday I thought it would be the case. But I'm not upset over it - don't get me wrong it's a shame - but getting upset over it won't help - so what's the point? Anyway onwards and upwards - there's another frostie with my name on 😁

Ps bloods have never been mentioned by the clinic

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  • Oh I am sorry the test is still negative. How many days past transfer are you? And how many days was your transfer? If you haven't started to bleed could it still just be a little bit early? Are u testing first thing in the morning?

    So glad you have a frosted to try again straight away :) none of our embies made it to freezing so we are putting all our faith in the ones I have on board xxxx

  • Aww you will be fine If transfer day is day 1 id be 11 days of a fet x

    Need a holiday first I think x

    Might try natural next and not medicated

  • Transfer is day 0. I wouldn't have thought 10 days past transfer was long enough. I am 10 days past 3dt today and have another 3 days til otd xx

  • So that would make me 10 days now? If my transfer was wed 10? Mine was a 5 day yours 3 that will make a difference in wait time for you by a couple of days I'm assuming x

  • It will make a difference definitely. You are 13dpt today. Have you test again?

    Thinking of you hun x

  • Nah I didn't - wish my period would come so I can get started on the next go! Been spotting like dark blood - thinking it was a period but it happened yesterday eve and this eve - God knows what it is. X good luck

  • Have you done your test! X

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