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Failed Clomid Cycle

Hi everyone

I've just been tested to see if I ovulated after taking 50mg of Clomid and unfortunately I didn't. My progesterone levels were tested at day 21 and were 20ng/ml. I have 2 questions - firstly what do your progesterone levels need to be to suggest ovulation? Secondly, before I ever went on the pill and pre PCOS, my cycles were around 35-40 days. Does Clomid work with your natural cycle? Was I tested too early? Or should my cycle fall into the standard 28 days? I'll be starting 100mg next month, just feel a bit lost for answers!

Thank you x

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Hi I took clomid for 3 months and my cycles got messed up. I was a regular 28 days but clomid sent me up to 35 days one time. I was ovulating prior to taking this medication but my progesterone reading shot up to over 100 on 50mg. Ask your specialist is prob the best thing as I would imagine we all react differently to this and my medical problems weren't the same as yours. I do think it takes a month for it to settle in to your system so just try to relax and have sex every couple of days so you hope to hit the fertile window. Good luck xx


Thanks so much xx


Hi GosGos. A positive progesterone reading done on Day 21 should be more than 30nmol/L. Clomid can be given for ovulation in a regular cycle when you don't ovulate, and also to encourage ovulation regularly in an irregular cycle. Hope that helps to explain its use. Good luck when you start. Diane


Thank you Diane. If my reading is 20nmol/L on 50mh compared to 0.64nmol/L when I was tested pre-Clomid is it likely that 100mg will be more effective? I know it's probably not simple, just really hoping that something will work! Thank you for your reply.


Hi GosGos. Yes, I would definitely try the increased dose, which hopefully should do the trick and get you to ovulate. Good luck! Diane


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