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Clomid & Irregular Periods


Hi there, new to the network!

I am just about to start my second cycle on clomid tablets but am struggling with figuring out when to take them. I have irregular periods and also experience bleeding in between periods which can last for up to 3-4 days, so knowing when day two is is very difficult. Has anyone else had this problem and have any tips or advice?

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I take provera to bring on my periods as I just wasn’t having a period at all. How long are you’re cycles or do they vary quite a lot?

I think if you don’t take the clomid on day 2 exactly then it probably won’t make a difference as I’ve seen people be told to take from day 3 too and I think day 4. I’ve just done my second round and I wasn’t sure so ended up starting on day 3 as it was so light this time around.

I would speak to your dr and see what they suggest as if you’re going months without a period then it may be that provera is a good option for you.

Emz2811 in reply to Binky1983

My periods are very irregular and normally last for about 14 days. If left to their own devices (no Provera), there is usually anywhere between a 5-8 week gap between them.

I took Provera last month which was fine, but experiencing the bleeding in between periods confuses things a little.


Hi Em2811. If you can, try and ignore any spotting and just go by your second day full flow if possible. Hopefully the Clomid will start to kick in and regulate your periods. Good luck! Diane

Emz2811 in reply to DianeArnold

Hi Diane, thanks for the advice. I am having a strange week. It is four weeks since my last period started and I am having a mixture of heavier bleeding and light barely there bleeding that is like a brown colour as if it isn’t fresh blood. It literally changes from day to day and I’m not sure if this is my period or not. I had a heavier day with fresh blood on Monday, three days of barely there old blood and then a bit heavier and fresh today. Is this likely to be my period? I called assisted conception and they said it’s hard to tell so I’m not sure whether to take my clomid or not. I have also barely stopped bleeding since I took the clomid last month. I have had only a few random days with no bleeding at all.

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Emz2811

Hi. Only just read this, so tm hoping that the following day you continued with red blood and able to start your Clomid again. Good luck. Diane

I agree, if it is spotting try and ignore it.

I take mine at night as then I know if I’ve had a full day of bleeding and it’s less likely to be spotting.

Emz2811 in reply to Binky1983

I tend to get a bit more than spotting unfortunately so not quite as easy. Good idea to take them at night though!

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