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Clomid confusion

Hi everyone,

I think I have totally confused myself with when I'm supposed to see my Dr and be scanned after starting clomid! Am I aiming to be scanned to check the egg development process within the first week of starting clomid or around days 10-12 of my cycle?

I have been instructed to start my clomid on certain days depending on what day my period arrives to time it with my Drs clinic on a Tuesday.

I will of course check with the clinic but I won't be able to speak to them until Monday and I'll be wondering this all day Sunday and annoying myself.

For example he told me if my period comes on a Tuesday start the clomid on the Friday, does that mean I see him on the Tuesday after the Friday ( so 5 days on clomid and day 8 of my cycle ) or the following week ( 10days after starting clomid and day 14 of my cycle )

Sorry if this doesn't make sense! Does anyone ever just get so tired of trying to work all these things out and feel so annoyed about all the people that get pregnant so quickly and never have to even ever think of any of this?!

Any advice from people who have taken clomid and know about the tracking scans would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks xx

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Yes constantly-it's not fair is it? But just think when you do fall how much more it will mean to you 💕

I can't help with the scan- although I'm on clomid my clinic hasn't offered me any scans-I'm sure one of the other ladies will know.😐

I take my clomid days 2-6 of my cycle. All Clinics will vary tho. By the sounds of it you've been instructed to take clomid from days 4-8 of your cycle. You will count day one when you have a full flow and need to use protection.

Generally you should ovulate 6 to 12 days after you finish your last clomid tablet. I.e. You finish your clomid on day 8 the earliest you would ovulate is day 14, the latest would be day 20.

To maximise your chances of getting pregnant you should try every other day from 2 days after you take your last clomid tablet till the latest day you're expecting ovulation to happen.

There is an online clomid calculator you can use to give you the best days to try on-I use that! I find it really helpful 😊 Clomid can alter the results of ovulation sticks so I wouldn't recommend using them.

You could double check with your clinic if you're in any doubt-they won't mind.Goid luck with the clomid 💕💕💕

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Completely agree, it can all be quite confusing especially when we're not experts in all this and are often going through it for the first time.

When I took clomid it was from day 2-6 of my period, counting day 1 as the first full day of bleeding. They then scanned me on day 13 (a Monday) to check how I was responding to the drugs to ensure I wasn't developing too many eggs, before I was due to ovulate. I took clomid for 3 cycles but they didn't scan me again after the first month as they were happy with the dose and how my body responded. I fell pregnant on the 3rd cycle, unfortunately I miscarried at 8 weeks but it was amazing that the clomid did help us fall pregnant. Good luck with it 🍀🍀🍀 x

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I've done 4 rounds of clomid so far and been scanned on 3 of them. Took tablets on day 2-6 of my cycle and then they started scanning me around day 7/8 each time, then every other day to monitor progress and tell us when to 'go for it'! Good luck 🍀 Xx

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Thank you ladies for all your replys and encouragement. I really hope this will work xx


Hi Isa84. As a general rule the manufacturers of Clomid recommend that they should be taken for 5 days starting on the 2nd day of your period. I hope that you have managed to speak to your clinic today and get everything clarified. Hope all goes well with your treatment. Diane

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