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Starting over!

I have been away for a while but am back. Today was my first day back in the clinic since my fail IVF cycle. Hopefully I will be starting my frozen ivf cycle. However I was told that I had a cyst on my ovary and it may affect my ivf if my hormone is not balance. Am waiting on my blood results on Wednesday, fingers cross. Have anyone been in a similar situation?

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I had a few large cysts on both ovaries before I started my first IVF cycle. My doctor told me they would probably disappear with my period- he was correct and I was able to start my first round with no problems. Good luck!

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Hi hop36, I started my down reg drugs 6 x weeks ago and was about to start my stim drugs last week when the doctors found polyps on the lining of my womb. I have had them removed and I'm now on my stim drugs. Good luck the doctors will sort it out for you x


Thanks for your advice, you are right, I got the go ahead from my doctor. So am on the Elleste 2mg I am getting ready for my FET. All the best to you.


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