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Hi, my first post so I'm hoping it makes sense! We have been trying for 4 x years, 3 x miscarriage and have started IVF. I am feeling so low with it all and I have only started, I have been on the down reg drug Borsulen for 6 x weeks, as has polyps removed last week before could start Menopur. I am so tearful with headaches and dizziness every day and each day is becoming more of a struggle. My enthusiasm for IVF has gone and I so want to believe it will work. Xx

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  • Buserelin gave me headaches. The menopure or whatever you are using to stimulate, will ease it. Then you get a whole lot of new side effects... and IVF is nerve wracking to say the least! You can do this!

  • Thank you filmgirl, appreciate your support on these low days xx

  • I didn't have Buserlin. I had some night sweats from Menopur but these stopped after a few days, the nurse said this is due to hormones.

    Going through treatment is really tough, especially on the first go as you don't really know what to expect.

    Have you got freinds/family/partner you can talk too?

    I kept a journal throughout the 2nd round of treatment and this helped to get things out of my head. This forum is really helpful but sometimes you need a real hug!

    Really hope your treatment is successful and you soon feel less yucky.

  • Thank you pm27, it is a tough long journey and we seem to put a face on for everyone else, which makes it even harder. We will both try and keep positive xx

  • I was on menapour makesure you drink plenty of water it's very stressful the whole situation but as scared as you are it might not work try to think that it just might aswel ! We had been TTC for 5 years 5 miscarriages no reason couldn't get pregnant for 2 years had IVF in march I'm 11 weeks pregnant now furthest I've been in 5 years since my first, wishing you all the best xxx

  • Thanks herrys, you must be so happy after all this time. Congratulations xx

  • We are fingers crossed this one is for keeps , all going well upto now each day us a milestone xx

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