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Buserlin side effects

I'd been so worried about my mental health when I started IVF I completely forgot to consider the physical effects!

Fortunately, I've been way better emotionally than I expected, but since finishing northiserone & just having daily buserlin injection, the side effects have really ramped up.

It's the terrible night sweats I'm finding most difficult - I am soaking the bed & duvet multiple times a night, and wake up exhausted. I really want to approach next stage of cycle in good form, but lack of sleep is startling to take its' toll 😵😵😵

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Hi Noodles, I really feel for you. We had our first cycle before Christmas (unsuccessful) and I found the weeks when I was just having Buserelin hard too, physically - for the reasons you describe - and emotionally.

Are you working at the moment? If so, is there any way you can take some leave, or ask your Doctor for a sick note? You must be really struggling at he moment, trying to hold everything together. Be as kind to yourself as you can - I found warm baths with nice-smelling bubbles and sleep mindfulness guided meditations (on youtube - you just make yourself comfortable in bed and listen as someone talks you through relaxation and into sleep - hopefully!) helped.

We've just started our second cycle (on Monday) and I'm taking some time off work (I'm a teacher in a special school) because I found trying to do my job and whilst on Buserelin just too hard.

H x


hi helsroo, thanks for your reply, it's reassuring to hear from someone who's experienced the same - it's such a lonely road this infertility malarkey!

thanks for your tips - have been using a hypnosis cd which has really helped with my state of mind. baths sound good too. was hoping to save sick leave for my 2 week wait, and thought i'd muddle through the down regulation, but last few days i feel like i've been hit by a bus!

with any luck my period come soon (never thought i would utter those words!) and i can get cracking with this.

wishing you all the luck in the world with your second round - let's hope 2017 is our year 💕💕💕

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Yes - fingers crossed! H xx


It's a hard time. Can you maybe take a couple of days' leave, just to give yourself a fighting chance? If you can take tomorrow and Friday off you'd end up with 4 days to just rest and pamper yourself a bit. Early nights...boxed sets on the telly...delicious snacks - you could just spend the whole 4 days in your pyjamas (^-^).

Yes, let's hope 2017 is our year!

H x


i like your thinking helsroo!

if you need a box set, recommendation suits is brill 😀


Hi noodles, you're definitely not alone with the night sweats! I've been getting hot flushes at work too which is not particularly attractive! Try to rest as much as you can to make up for the lack of sleep. Take care x x x


yes mommabear - especially when colleagues talk to me, people i've known for years - i completely clam up and sweat profusely!

rest is defo appealing. i'm skipping the gym, eating everything in sight & not feeling a single bit guilty!


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