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Mixed emotions😞

Hey ladies

So today I had my 2nd baseline scan and considering I am on Menopur and Gonal F 300 and 150 I thought that I would have responded better with more follicles.

The nurse said she was happy with what she seen but I am feeling low as I don't think I responded well it was around the same last time and it failed with on 2 eggs to put back. What she counted was 9 in all 7 on one side 2 fairly decent on the other side. Don't even know if that is good or bad tbh just though the amount would be better. I have tried everything.

Anyway that is the update.


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Hi Tamtam1. That’s not such a bad response. I assume you have a couple of days until egg collection, so that will give them time to get to decent sizes. I’m sure you are getting good care, and your consultant is looking to get good quality eggs. Easier said than done, but try and remain positive. Keeping everything crossed for you. Diane


Thanks Diane

Feeling on the up again 😁


That's a good response! Beats my 1 follicle hands down! BTW that 1 follicle was the round that worked. Go figure. Besides a handful of good quality eggs is better than dozens of questionable ones. Good luck. Almost there.

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Hey lady

Was a little shocked but less is more😘


9 sounds good to me and the nurse was pleased. My consultant said that we can respond differently to the drugs at different times. My response was very different first and second rounds, and you've got more than I had second time.

Hopefully your follicles will continue to grow and you might even get more.


Thanks PM.... This journey is just unbelievably unexplainable xx


What a great expression, I shall borrow it!

Sending you all the best.


I only got 7 eggs at egg collection, two of which made it to become excellent quality embryos by transfer date. I have one on ice and the other is now 14 weeks in my tummy 😊

It really is quality over quantity, I'd be more worried if you had too many as this can delay treatment and a lot of the eggs probably won't be the best quality for success Good luck, sounds like it's doing well so far xxx



Thanks for the positive..... I know it just o suppose I expected more but like you say quality over quantity xx


I felt the same. Just think positive after my 2nd scan :-)


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