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Hi all new to the network, I have avoided it until now cause it's so hard emotionally! We have been trying for 3 years. Referred for treatment from GP to find out they had stopped funding any IVF treatment in our area the week before. We are lucky that as one of the first we were able to have diagnosis through nhs but treatment would have to be funded privately. I am currently waiting for day 21 to start my injections for ICSI. We are having to take a loan to pay for one cycle and not sure if we could afford any more if needed. How do you all cope with managing the stress of funding treatment? We are trying to plan for the future without breaking. Not getting nhs funding has left us putting so much pressure on it working at the first cycle which is so tough. They is so little support for thoes that don't get nhs treatment. Hubby is struggling today and I need strength to get through the treatment. All my friends facing IVF qualify for nhs funding as they are in a different area.

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  • I really don't understand why this happens. Surely every couple no matter where they live are entitled to at least 1 cycle. Incredibly unfair isn't it.

  • This is exactly what happened to us :( it's so unfair that where you live decides if you get funding or not. We used our minimal savings on the first two goes (I did egg sharing which makes it a little cheaper) but on our third go (am FET) we struggled to find the money. We got a loan in the end, but medication after you are told you're pregnant isn't included in the price so we got a nasty shock when we had to pay another 600 pounds for medication to last us until 12 weeks. It's so stressful isn't it? It makes an already stressful time even harder. We want to try and pay off the loan as soon as possible (obviously if we are lucky and we reach full term don't want to be paying a loan with the baby around). But it's hard. I hate that in some areas the NHS put a price on our happiness. Xx

  • Thanks kittyK. We keep asking our clinic for a total rough estimate but they say it's unknown. We can mange but we can't just magic money out the air. I knew there might be an additional bill for medication if successful so good to hear your experience that we might need another ยฃ600. The clinic have admitted that they don't know how to manage thoes paying that can only just afford it. When the local nhs trust made the decision they should provide support to us and the clinic on how to manage the change or how to manage the financial stress. Finger crossed it works for us both!

  • We had to fund our own treatment too and agree it is so unfair that not everyone has the same opportunities. However, we have been lucky so far and our first cycle gave us our BFP (we aren't getting too excited yet as I'm only 6 weeks and had a miscarriage from a natural pregnancy back in may at 8 weeks). I think the biggest thing is to try and eliminate stress, which is a big factor in determining success (easier said than done I know). I took the 2WW off of work and just really tried to relax, I also started acupuncture a couple of months before starting. Good luck and I wish you all the very best x

  • Thank you ToniBrowne!!! Congrats and fingers crossed for you!! Yes work are now being ok (after a few stern conversation!). We also delayed treatment from October as I was too stressed trying to get a handle on everything. Feeling much more positive are ready as I can be. I have booked my 2WW off. X

  • It annoys me so much that some areas are allowed funding, and others aren't. So unfair. Where is the equality?!

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