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Mixed feelings :/

Hi hope everyone is well feeling rather strange atm me & my partner thought we would be starting our 1st round of IVF Saturday after a what seemed positive vissit to hospital told scan looked absolutely fine and we were just to wait for a phone call to confirm on blood work we were so excited finally its starting only to get a phonecall in the afternoon to apologise they misread the scan and they don't think it would be safe to go ahead as the lining of my womb is thicker than they would like & now we have to wait 6 weeks for a hysterscopy which we had 2 years ago , just feels 1 step forward 2 back. After being built up like that it really was a blow :( just want to get it all going nervous but so excited and feel stuck in the unknown now which is one of the worst parts of all this sort of want to complain but dont want it to affect our treatment any advice or experiences is appreciated xx

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Hi sorry to hear this happened to u and ur partner i know the feeling as was told different before christmas and different after new year was so excited and possitive too now to stage when i dont really know iif its only me bn so ungrateful or i have right to be angry and upset .. at the end of the day we pay lots of money so i know mistakes happen but all this is too much affecting our lives and would be much better getting bad news straight away no getting false hope and then kicked thats how i feel today x what can we do is just stay strong and dont lose hope x hope u get it all sorted soon x


Hi herrys. I was sorry to read that your treatment cycle is being abandoned due to a thicker than required womb lining. I think you will find that the reason for this is because they need to know whether there are any “blips” in your womb that could interfere with implantation. Polyps, fibroids and endometriosis being the most common. It’s devastating when this happens, as you get so geared up for your treatment cycle to start, but they will want to give you your best chance for success – hence the cancellation. Just so annoying though, that you were given the wrong information when you had your scan! I really hope that all works out well when you do get the go ahead again. Diane


Thanks for the replies i know in the bigger picture it is the safest option to not go ahead this month I've had 5 miscarriages and would hate to go through IVF and it end up in another its the 6 week wait on a hysterscopy which has put me on a downer just thought they could fast track me ? 6 weeks isn't alot in some ways it just feels like it, going to just keep mythering ! I had a hysterscopy 2 years ago all was fine would hope that wouldn't of changed really ? Xx


Hi herrys. So sorry that all this is happening to you. Unfortunately with infertility

problems, everything takes so long to investigate and sort out. Hopefully there won’t be

any change from your previous hysteroscopy, but I feel it would be best just to check

you out again just in case anything needs to be sorted out before continuing with

treatment. In view of the fact that you have had so many miscarriages, I assume

that you have been investigated for this, and appropriate preventative treatment offered

if needed? Diane


Yes we have had recurrent miscarriage testing everything appears as normal , only thing we are to do when pregnant is use progesterone and possibly herapin injections. so confusing hopefully won't be long to it all happening x


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