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Mixed messages

Hello all,

I am relatively knew to this and am now very confused, so just wondered if anyone had any words of wisdom.

I have had a very frustrating time with the NHS- I just don't feel like they explain anything properly which then makes me more anxious. I went for my second appointment with the consultant a couple of weeks ago, who very casually said I had a small cyst and did not explain what that meant, just that I would have another ultrasound. She then said that she could see that I had not has my HSG so could not to anything further. I had booked the HSG, which was very difficult to do so and then I went for the procedure, they cancelled it. I was so distraught at this that I ended up trying to book it privately. However the private consultant said that he wouldn't do it as I was not ovulating. The NHS consultant says that she will only give me tablets to ovulate once I have had the HSG (oh and have out on weight to meet the requirements).

Has anyone been through something similar? I just feel in a very dark place at the moment and can't see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you and best wishes to you all.


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Blimey. This sounds like a right old game of chicken and egg! I've not had this problem but could you email both parties and ask them to speak with each other? :/

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Hi when they cancelled the HSG why didn't they put you back on the list to have the op again or is there a reason they cancelled that you didn't say? Ring the secretary for the consultant and ask as this seems really strange. NHS does everything in slow stages have the HSG and then wait, then they will issue you Chlomid. I paid private for a procedure or two to speed up the process myself as the waiting was too much sometimes but I'm surprised they refused to do an HSG I thought they would want your money for a ten minute procedure. Good look you have a polite fight on your hands here but I'm sure it will get sorted out if you apple some pressure to the consultant.


They cancelled it as the machine broke that morning, they did try to reschedule but it was after my appointment with the consultant. Meanwhile I went to see the private consultant who explained he would do the HSG but not yet. He did give me Chlomid, which I am about to begin. The NHS consultant was saying that I needed the HSG before the Chlomid but the private said it the other way around! It is good to know that you have done both private and NHS, so that is a possibility.

Thank you!


Oh wow what a confusing time to have conflicting medical information when this process is confusing enough! I suppose if you aren't ovulating it doesn't matter when your tubes are clear or not as you won't get pregnant. Have you been tested for ovulation more than once? Do you chart your temps as your body will give you signs even if you aren't able to have the blood tests as proof every month. Good luck with chlomid I hope it works for you and your progesterone readings improve. While you are trying that for a few months surely the NHS can fit you in for your HSG and save you a bit of money. You have every right to have that test on the NHS to help you with your journey xx


Hi Lucylu_88. So sorry to hear that you are being given conflicting messages. However, I was always taught that an HSG should be done just after a period and before ovulation, as you wouldn't want to flush an egg or developing embryo away if present! Not too sure what you meant about your weight, but if you have to lose some, then make sure someone keeps a record, whether at GP practice or slimming club, so that they can see you are getting towards your goal. Hopefully when you have another scan the small cyst will have settled down with no need for further action. They will keep an eye on it though. Hope all is soon sorted out for you and a treatment plan decided. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank you for your kind words Diane. Yes, the HSG was to be done during my period so that I would definitely not be pregnant. My issue was that the NHS consultant was saying I needed it done straight away (but was unable to because of the awful booking system in place). Whereas the private consultant said I should try chlomid first to see if that would make me ovulate and then when we knew if that was happening he would perform the HSG. He said that a HSG essentially flushed the tubes and for the following couple of months I would be much more fertile (unless there was something else wrong). He explained that if I had the HSG and was not ovulating then it would not make any difference. So I see his logic. It was then when I went to the NHS and she was adamant I had to have the HSG and said they would not give me any tablets to ovulate unless I put on weight...which I am trying really hard to do. I have managed to put on some weight but still have a way to go. Good suggestion about tracking it, I think this will be helpful!

Thank you for your reassurance about the cyst and for taking the time to reply to my post :-)


I've had loads of probs with the NHS the first cycle I ended up going private as was told too young (30 at the time)for treatment, it was unsuccessful so gave up for 6 years then went back to the NHS and it's taken a year to get to now and I've had missing bloods results, had test after test, then 8 months it took them to advise I wasn't amuned to rubella so I've now had that but it's delayed it all by a month, but I'm hoping it's cause good things come to those that wait,

Why won't the private clinic help you at all? Even if you pay for investigations then go from them,

See my private told me I was amune to rubella but NHS say no it's so confusing and hard work. Xx


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