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2nd baseline scan tomorrow

Hey ladies

It's so true that every round of treatment is different last time I don't remember whatbthebfirst felt like but this time I am sooooo nervous at every scan and it's unfortunate that hubby can't make it as he has to work.

Got my baseline scan tomorrow to see how the follicles are doing so scared it will be a bad result. Last time only had 6 so they upped the dosage and included Menopur.

Bummer via my left ovarie is hiding so they are not getting much from

It so the right has to work harder.

Sorry for the long post just worried is all meant to have EC may 21st


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I responded very differently to the second round of treatment, they don't know why. I found the second cycle easier as had an idea of what to expect.

Hopefully you'll have a good follicle count. My left ovary often hides when I go for scans so there's quite a bit of "move your leg", I find this quite amusing!


good luck tomorrow with your scan


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