Baseline scan

Hi, I have a baseline scan scheduled next week and have not received a letter about it (not started IVF process yet, will be soon once referral comes though)

Is the baseline scan the one that you have to drink lots of water and then not wee? Or do they just go in the vagina with the stick thing?

Having not had the letter I don't want to hold my wee for no reason, found it hard last time.


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  • It's the dildo wand! Oh the memories!

    But givcling them a call to see where your letter is wont hurt! x

  • They don't do letters at my clinic. All done by phone.

    I never needed to hold my wee in for any of those scans, only for embryo transfer x

  • Thanks emu2016 I thought it might be but wasn't sure. I have followed up but still not sure if the letter will arrive in time, but confirmed my appointment.

  • I have had one scan I had to hold my bladder for; then like Lizzielizzielizzie says for Embryo Transfer.

    I did get letters too. I guess they're all different! At least you've confirmed appointment. They'd have told you there if you needed anymore info. x

  • Yes hopefully, the process with the NHS has been slow and frustrating at times and sometimes they have been not helpful, will be happy when we are dealing with an actual clinic to be honest

  • Just keep pushing them. Often under resourced and it doesn't help. xx

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