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Couple days of happiness

Hello everyone so our first journey is over. We had egg collection on 8.4. Got 8 eggs and I only could keep 3 coz was doing egg sharing .. 2 eggs out of 3 survived ICSI and we had them back in on 10.4. First week of 2 week wait was fine then it turned into the horrible mix of emotions we tested early at home and watched line getting darker until test day x started spotting day before test day and my period didn't stop until day before yesterday x we were told not to give hope and don't worry much about blood as our hcg blood test came back nice high 190 .. That was our wee day of happiness I was pregnant .. We done it x it worked ... But had blood repeated 4 days later and it dropped to 90 then couple days later 47.4 .. I wish the numbers went other way round x we are heartbroken .. Still can't believe we were so close .. I wanted to ask u lovely ladies how was your experience with clinic after embryo transfer .. X did they phone .. Did they show any interest .. Did they try to help

... My family thinks that for the cost we didn't get enough interest info and support x any replies welcome .. At the moment I feel we need break can't really imagine going thru same soon

. specially coz of emotions .. And heart break and I am asking myself what's the chances for another successful cycle but without miscarriage next time x so scared and so negative x

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Miroslava having been speaking for a few months with you and having lovely chats with you I'm so incredibly upset this has happened to you. Rest assured it's nothing you have done wrong. I know there no words to ease your pain and nothing can take make this feel ok. I suppose time is a healer And in time it won't ever completely go away but I guess you will learn to live with it. I would recommend counseling to help you both grieve this huge loss. When you are ready go back to your clinic And see if there was a reason that this happened. Assuming they scanned you prior ivf treatment? Fibroids etc can cause miscarriages. Sometimes with miscarriages they don't know why it happens. Maybe your clinic can do something different next time to help prevent that happening again. Baby aspirin etc. Hopefully they can learn from this And next time you will have a better outcome. Just because you lost this pregnancy does not mean you would lose another one. Plenty of women miscarry And go on to have healthy babies. Don't let this stop you. My clinic ofter up to 3 cycles of egg sharing ivf upon suitability. I'm sure your clinic could let you have another go please don't give up hope.

Here Anytime you need a chat do not forget that x


Hi Miroslava, I am so sorry this has happened. I can appreciate you must be scared, having been through so much. I think you are right to take a break and not rush into another cycle, you need to be emotionally prepared. After my cycle failed, I had no contact from the clinic but I knew counselling was available if I needed it. I have been the one to initiate contact since with my list of questions. Look after yourselves, allow yourself time to grieve and take care xx


Hello. I can relate to all of what you have said. I had a miscarriage in December. And I was fine. But now starting treatment again. I'm so so scared and worried. As its our last ever try at having a baby. Please know it is nothing you have or haven't done. It's just a crap thing that has happened. They say that the chances of another misscarriage are slim. So try to concentrate on get thigh through this first. Before even thinking of going again. Also counselling is a really good idea. Lots of love sweetie. Xx


Really feel your pain, hearth reading few weeks. My clinic didn't want to know US. I phoned 4 days before test date and got told of for testing early even though I was in agony with tummy pains, then phoned two days after offcical test date to confirm pregnancy and that also the pregnancy test had become lighter line they just didn't want to know and told me again I should be testing daily, I knew there was a massive problem but they wouldn't listen, when I did phone them with blood test results they did not seem sorry at all. I'm very upset with this final treatement received after all the money spent on this treatment. X x x hope your ok x x x


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