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Hello ..most of you won't remember me but hope some do.. I was on this forum from last year and helped me a lot through my first cycle in april .. answered lots of questions and gave hope. Our first ivf ended sad.. chemical pregnancy. We had 8 egg collected and only 3 we're for me as I am egg sharer.. only two fertilized and we had quick 2 day transfer embryos we're only 6 cells. I started bleeding two days before my OTD and even got great positive test and HCG of 190 they started dropping and that was it x It took a while to get over it but we sorted finances and decided to go straight to second shot.. and started second cycle end of July.. egg sharing again.. everything seemed different less stressful as we knew what's all about.. didn't Google and didn't post nothing here. We had 11 eggs collected 5 for me.. all 5 fertilized and on day 5 we had 2 gorgeous blastocysts.. one was throwing some cells out but both graded A ... after transfer I didn't feel nothing at all.. empty inside.. numb.. I was trying to no think much about it all.. my test day is on Thursday and today 7dp5dt I done Hpt and it's only one line.. last cycle we had nice line at this time watched it getting darker.. today BFN.. we we're saying this cycle was so different in all ways.. I am very down coz most ppl know we go thru this this time and they expect good news and I don't know if I will be strong enough to say it was so different cycle.. negative.. and no embryos frozen.. :( very sad coz I so hoped there would be wee faint line this morning...

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  • Please don't worry I also did test on 7dp5dt and at that time it was negative but on OTD it is BFP xx keep strength and wait xx

  • Hello Miroslava, I remember you from your earlier posts. I think you have tested too early so don't give up just yet! If everyone who is pregnant got a BFP after a week then that that would be your OTD - there's a reason why you have to wait a bit longer! Good luck for Thursday x

  • Welcome back miroslava 😊

    What a tough journey you've been through so sorry πŸ˜” It maybe that you're testing too early and your hcg isn't strong enough to show up yet. It's not over yet πŸ‘ I've seen ladies on here test a day early getting a BFN only on test day to get a BFP. Wishing you a BFP Thursday πŸ€πŸ™πŸ’— x x x Hope you feel better soon one day at a time hunni x x x

  • Thank you for bit of hope girls.. I have absolutely no symptoms x had poking under my belly button (same as positive last time) first two days after transfer sore bbs only for couple days after transfer and mild cramping in legs and lover belly on and off and very tearfull .. on cyclogest twice a day.. think that negative test just took all hope from me.. really can't find one positive feeling inside me xx don't get it as embryologist was so happy with blastocysts .. she said absolutely perfect and we put two in x hope us are all doing well x lots of love

  • Hi Miroslava. Not much I can say, but I am keeping my fingers crossed too for you! Diane

  • Thank you Diane

  • Hi Miroslava. I remember you.

    I'm thinking of you and hope you do get that BFP on OTD.

    I've started my injections for round 3 and this time we're using egg sharing donor eggs which won't be possible without kind ladies like you.

  • I really hope some of my 11 donated eggs will help somebody get their dream x

  • The waiting game never gets easier. big hug.

  • 8dp5dt negative... don't get it how 6 cell embryo implanted and got me HCG of 190 last cycle and two grade A blasts didn't.. doing this only coz my partner can't get me pregnant naturally but at this point I start to think it can't be all good with me either.. don't know how to face the world.. feel like big fail

  • I feel your loss, I'm so sorry to hear of your news this morning. I only wish there as something more I could say than how sorry I am if it is the bfn you dear pm much. However, what I would say is that sometimes the embryos don't implant til a little later than expected resulting in a delay in the big positive numbers. All the hope in the world to you xxx

  • I really wish I was one of those writing stories about miracles and happy endings but at the moment I am part of group our less lucky ones who count failed cycles... I have no idea what I have done wrong to end like this.. I am with partner who got 4 kids himself and only wanted our one wee one to complete our life we love each other so much and he's best guy out there .. so on top of negative tests I started spotting while ago test is no til Thursday.. what happened to my two perfect blastocysts???

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