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Kings College Assisted Conception Unit - any experience or tips?


After a long wait my husband and I have managed to get on the radar of kings college hospital's assisted conception unit.

So far I've some blood tests and a scan which went well. Everything looked fine and I have a good number of follicles on my ovaries. My partner has had semen analysis carried out.

8 weeks after these initial tests we will get to meet with a Dr to review the results. This seems like a long time but it's nice to have something to work to at least.

I'm curious to know if anyone has experience of the ACU and what to expect next or any advice?

Sometimes it feels like you need an instructions manual to understand how the NHS works.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Erland, I know how you feel! It seems to be a minefield of appointments and waiting lists! I think, if you've not had a HSG to check your Fallopian tubes are patent then you might have that next. Otherwise, you should be put on the waiting list for IVF. For us the waiting list was a few months and was followed up with an appointment where they did some blood tests (HIV etc) and we completed the consent forms. A month later my drugs to down regulate arrived in the post and we're due to start IVF this month! Good luck x


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