Any tips?

Has anyone got any tips on how to relax until first scan after BFP? I had my BFP last Wednesday and I'm already obsessed that it's just going to go and there will be nothing on the scan or I'm going to do something wrong! I haven't tested again as I don't want to get into that cycle.

My scan isn't until the 30th Dec. Maybe I'll calm down when I get proper pregnancy symptoms as I just don't feel pregnant yet. I just don't want to be worrying the whole time and would quite like to enjoy Christmas xx

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  • Hi there, I know what's it's like, we were the same, I would like to gift you my pregnancy hypnosis track (I now support couples going through the journey):


  • Hi! I had my scan yesterday... I guess it's just natural to worry, I certainly did! I tried to remain as positive as possible...I kept myself busy, I had a moment each day where I would place my hand on my tummy and have a little word with the little bean "You just make yourself nice and comfortable", "we're all really excited to meet you out here", " Your are so loved". Those five minutes of time really may work for you. Who knows?! Everyone is different.

    Just because you're not showing symptoms doesn't mean that there's something wrong...lots of women don't get the traditional symptoms and that's normal. I have to say that something that did keep me calm was doing a test once a week, it was like a little sign that everything was going OK. But I did limit myself to just once a week so that it didn't become silly! I can understand why you may not want to do that but it's something that helped me.

    I have my fingers crossed that everything will go great for for you! Do keep in touch! xx

  • Thank you for that. It's just so hard to relax. Hubby does say goodbye to it every day. It just hasn't sunk in lol. I might have to buy some tests just so it calms me down coz it's dragging so much more than the 2ww xx

  • I know what you mean about relaxing....perhaps try the tests...also means you're only waiting a week until the next one so the goalposts are a little bit more manageable!

    Even though I actually saw the baby inside me yesterday, I still can't quite believe it's real! Total outer body experience seeing that little heart beating away! You can always message me if you need to! Best of luck! xx

  • I've just bought two tests 😬 Hopefully just doing the one tomorrow might make me relax more and realise it is still there! Just hoping some symptoms arrive soon although I will probably regret that if they do lol! X

  • I don't really have any tips I'm afraid coz I only had my 7 week scan last week and spent the whole time worrying and googling (not a good idea!) all I wanted to say was be careful cz I was still testing every few days to make myself feel better but the closer I got to the scan the lighter they started to get and that sent me to panic stations but st the scan everything was OK xx

  • Yeah I read that tests can get fainter the more time goes on. I think I will use my two tests and give myself a talking too and get a grip what will be will be x

  • Just think about how there is everything fine with you and your scan!

    I am sure that there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. Maybe you should do something, like get busy and stuff. It will distract you from bad thoughts.

    I am sure you will feel pregnant haha just stay calm that's it xx

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