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Follow up appointment tomorrow questions


Hi all, hope your all good. I have my appointment tomorrow which maybe my last, who knows. I have all the questions about what tests can be done if we can afford to go ahead with a private round etc. The big question is that how come it says on the nhs website that your allowed 3 try’s?! I’ll put a link at the end, it is the Welsh nhs page btw, I should imagine it’ll be the same for England also. Anyone who has had this question answered, please let me know. Thanks in advance and wishing you all the luck in the world on this journey 😘😘 xx

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Unfortunately although the NICE guidlines recommend 3 cycles, its only a recommendation. In many places its the local funding authority that decides on what boards actually offer patients which is massively unfair and due to the cut backs on the NHS this is getting less and less all the time.

Hope your appointment goes ok!xx

Awww thank you for getting back to me luv, it’s worth asking just incase. It is unfair, we’re lucky to have the nhs and have the 2 goes anyway. I don’t know what their going to say tomorrow really. I’m kinda numb about it 😢 x

Hi there! It's saying that NICE recommends 3 cycles however as with English CCGs, in Wales the number of rounds you are eligible for are set by your local Healthcare Board and which board you come under will be determined by where you live. CCG's in England do not have to take on the recommendations of NICE and are able to set their own guidelines as they are individually responsible for the allocation of funds for healthcare services. You may want to look at you local Healthcare Board to look at their guidelines to see the criteara. In my CCG I am entitled to 2 cycles and I am extremely grateful for this. Good luck and hope this helps xx

Thank you so much for the info luv, do I go on a website for this? x

My own CCG has their own website and I would assume that this is the same for them all. Try typing in your local district that healthcare comes under with Healthcare Board reproductive therapies or ivf guidelines in the search. If that doesn't work, (it took quite a bit for me to find mine - i'm pretty sure they don't want people to find this information lol) then maybe ask at your gp surgery to see if they can help you xx

Thank you so much luv, I shall try this xx


Hi Crazymrsrees79. Only just read this, so if it isn't too late I can email you a list if you want. Contact me at and I will sort it for you. Good luck with the consultation. Diane

Thank you Diane, we had the appointment at 9.30am, I asked all the questions we could and the outcome of having a private round would cost roughly £6000+ with a 5-10% chance of it working. We just can’t do it unfortunately with taking the risk. We’re going to give it time and go on holiday in September and get ourselves a fur baby and then go from there x

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