IVF initial appointment on 20th Oct

Hi ladies,

I am so very excited for my first IVF appointment after a long wait of 1 year unexplained infertility. Could anyone please let me know what to expect in this first appointment. I have been asked to do AMH test and pelvic scan before this appointment. And also if you can share IVF positive experiences , it would be great and will help making my IVF journey but easier.

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  • They checked my follicles and amh so they had a better idea of how much to push me with the drugs. I have a low amh so they pushed me a bit more.

  • Thanks for your reply Stilltring1.

    If you don't mind can I ask you if you have already undergone IVF yet ?

  • Yes, one I got pregnant but lost the baby due to abnormal chromosomes, hoping to start a fet cycle tomorrow if my scan goes well.

  • I've got my appointment on the same day!!! Ive not been told to have AMH yet but it's the only test we have not had done. Positive thoughts for the both of us xxx

  • Hi Overtherainbow22, that's nice to know that you have your appointment same day :-)

    Please let me know updates and I will post the same from my side.

    Good luck for both of us :-)

  • Hello, just want to wish you luck for your appointment. Initially I had an internal

    Scan (to check everything looked normal and my overuse/number of follicles) together with a blood test to check my AMH levels. My hubby's sperm was also tested. I then had an HSG a few weeks later which is where they put dye through your Fallopian tubes to check there are no blockages. We the went on a separate waiting list for our IVF procedure.

    We had unexplained infertility too but after 2.5 years of trying we had a successful round of IVF in July.

    Take care and I wish you all the best x

  • Hi Hopeful1982,

    That's great to hear from you of successful IVF round. I am very excited too for my first IVF appointment. I have heard that couples with unexplained infertility have better chances of success in IVF, which is keeping my hopes. It would be great to hear from you how are you getting on after IVF ?

  • Hello,

    We were told we had around a 40% chance of success and our hospital had a 55% success rate for blastocyst transfers (which is when your embryo is transferred at 5 days old). So, it did feel like good odds. I also had acupuncture during treatment and would recommend this if you can find a reputable practitioner.

    We're obviously delighted to be expecting but I am pretty anxious about the pregnancy. When you've endured infertility and IVF I think you cant help but fear it's all going to go wrong and you will be back at square 1! Although I'm now 14 weeks I have only confided our news in a few close friends and family. I keep thinking I'll tell people next week!

    Best of luck with your appointment and treatment. After all the waiting it's an exciting time when the ball starts rolling! If you have any questions during the process let me know and I'll do my best to help.

    Take care x

  • Hi Hopeful1982,

    How are you doing? Just an update from my side, had our appointment today and now there will be Implication appointment on 17th Nov, but not sure what if my period comes before 17th Nov? Nurse had actually said to call them if period arrives before this date. Also Doctor has recommended acupuncture and High Protein diet for me. Do you mind me asking what was your AMH result ? Also what happens during implication appointment? Did they give you short protocol? Did they start medication in Implication appointment? Sorry for so many questions.


  • Hello, sorry for the delay I was on holiday! Not sure what the implication appointment is (it could be to sign consent forms etc) as my clinic didn't use this term but I had to call my clinic on day 1 of my period and they gave me instructions when to start my medication. I was long protocol which meant, once my May period started waiting 21 days before starting the meds to down regulate.

    I had acupuncture during my cycle and if nothing else it definitely helped to relax me during treatment. I also eat lots of protein, pineapple, Brazil nuts and drank plenty of water as I had seen others on the site recommending that.

    I can't remember my AMH but it was quite high and put me at slight risk of OHSS. Good in one sense as I responded to the drugs well but I did worry about becoming unwell and the cycle being cancelled!

    When is your period due?

    Good luck! Try to take everything one step at a time x

  • Hey Hopeful1982,

    Thanks for your reply and hope you had a great holiday:-)

    My next period is due on 10th Nov. I have to call them on my first day but I am not sure why is it? Because the nurse said if my 3rd day falls on 17th (implications appointment date) then she will start medication from 4th day. Otherwise I will have to start treatment in January as mostly things are closed during Christmas. Also I wanted to ask you, did you discuss your IVF stuff at work with your manager ?


  • Ah, it must be timings for them closing over the Christmas and new year period then.

    Dealing with work is a tricky one and I think depends on how you feel personally. I didn't tell my manager at work I was having IVF as I couldn't face having to tell him if it didn't work (if that makes any sense!). I just said that I would be having a procedure and would have a couple of consultations before and after. It was fairly easy for me as my manager is based in a different office and I travel for work any way so no one really noticed that I wasn't in!

    Good luck x

  • Hi ladies,

    I have just read your posts which has answered a few of my questions! We have unexplained infertility & I have been contemplating giving acupuncture a go for a little while. We also have our nurse consultation in 4 weeks and I was wondering whether they'll be more waiting before we start treatment as someone said they might test my AMH & give me an USS but I have had all of these done already.

    Starting to feel more positive so thanks for that!

    Best of luck to you xx

  • Once I had my nurses appointment it was only a few forms to complete and some blood tests (for things like hepititis) before we started. It felt like it all happened really quickly after all the waiting.

    I enjoyed acupuncture and if nothing else I found it relaxing.

    Glad you're feeling more positive.

    Good luck x

  • Hi Willo38,

    Hope your nurse consultation goes well too:-)

    And be positive, we will definitely get there. I am trying to be positive as much as possible:-)

    Fingers crossed for all of us xx

  • So we have the go ahead with our fet cycle! I started injections this morning, I am a pin cushion for the next 3 weeks.

  • Hey Stillyrying1,

    That's a great news that you started with your injections. Can you please share the experience, is it all normal when you are on injections? I am asking this because I am working and don't want to tell my boss just yet before ET.

    A very good luck to you :-)

  • You may find you are hormonal during the experience, you are playing with your hormones after all! I have my scans during it all as early as possible so I'm not that late in to work. Most clinics do this as not to interfere with your work. For initial ivf I took 2 days off one for my egg retrieval and to relax the day after. Luckily putting the embryos in landed on a Saturday so I didn't take any time off for that. For frozen cycle I will only have the transfer which I will take off sick if it doesn't fall on a weekend.

  • Hi Babyhope

    My husband and I are on a similar journey only a little bit further along...We decided on private IVF as we are beyond the 'accepted' age for government assistance. The NHS do not offer AMH tests so that was another reason why we went private. Our first meeting consisted of meeting the specialist and being asked tonnes of questions as well as the blood test and pelvic ultrasound....for me quite uncomfortable as it was discovered that I have a uterine fibroid.

    The first meeting is not so daunting...a mixture of excitement and concern is perfectly normal. Good luck and welcome to the journey

  • @Yammie - if you look at the date of Babyhope's post in the right hand corner of her original message, you'll see it was from 2 years ago! If you click on her name, it will take you to her page - I had a quick look and it seems she went on to have a baby which is lovely news xxx

  • Thanks, I realised that just shortly after posting....nevermind, the post might help someone else!!!

  • Very true! Good luck with your next cycle xxx

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