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Has anyone had a laparoscopy to investigate fluid in a tube?

Hi. I went for an appointment with a consultant yesterday to discuss FET after a recent miscarriage after our first ICSI cycle in January. During my ICSI cycle they found fluid in my tube which they drained at egg collection but the consultant said I need this investigating before I can use the frozen embryo. So I've got to have a laparoscopy and if the fluid is there again I will have to have the tube removed.

Has anyone else had an issue with fluid in their tube? What caused it?

The consultant couldn't give me any information about what could have caused the fluid and spoke about the possibility of losing a tube as if it was no big deal. Well it's a massive deal to me.

If anyone has had a laparoscopy at St Mary's (manchester) how long did you have to wait for the procedure? I've been told approx 3 months.

I'm so scared about even having the lap done in the first place and I'm petrified that they might have to remove my tube or find something worse. I hate feeling so out of control throughout this whole process and the time we are made to wait to start treatments is so hard x

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Gosh I'm sorry to hear your news. . Sorry I can't help but understand your flustrating of being under St Marys for any treatment. . Best advice for them is to keep calling and trying to get earlier appts. . Good luck


Thanks x


Hi. I had a lap last March but at salford royal. I think i waited a few months for it but I can promise you there is nothing to worry about. your just a little tender after it but no major pain at all. you will be absolutely fine I am sure and I am wishing you lots of luck. hope you get the answer your praying for xx


Hi. Thank you so much for your reply. Its reassuring hearing from someone who has had it done. I wish there wasn't such a big wait for everything, even a couple of months feels like such a long time.

Wishing you lots of luck too on your journey xx


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