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Fluid (hydrosalpinx) in my tube dissapeared!

Really need to some advice!!!

I had my 3rd transvaginal ultrasound this morning prior to my gynae appt next week. It was good news there was no sign of any fluid in the tube now, brilliant.

I am still however very worried, at my last appt the gynae told me that even if the fluid did dissapear then that meant that there was a chance the fluid could still come back and that the tube could be damaged because of the fluid and i have found this out from also doing alot of my own research. He discussed with me last time that if the fluid was still there i would be having surgery to remove the tube. But now i don't know where i stand, and absoloutly petrified that i'm going to be fobbed off and told to come back in however many weeks. I'm desperate to become pregnant and want all this sorting as soon as possible, i don't want to be in a position where in 6 months time i'm still not pregnant and have to go through all this again, or even more tests etc. Any advice for my appt next week?x

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Hi Nickimidge. This is always a huge dilemma. I think it is all down to whether the end of the tube is blocked (sealed). If it is, then the natural lubrication in that tube, will collect, then drain through the open end into the womb. Perhaps it had done this when you had your recent check, I don't know, but if the end is definitely blocked, then I feel pretty certain that your specialist will want to either clip it or remove it to prevent this happening, before progressing with further treatment, especially IVF/ICSI. You need clear advice, and good luck with it all. Diane


Thanks for replying Diane! I know you can't say for defiante what my gynae will do, but do you think that i should push for a lap for exploratory reasons just so i can put my own mind at rest and to see whats going on? I've got so many mixed emotions right now, happy that the fluids no longer there but also upset because theres the "what if's" what if it comes back etc, what if we don't know wether its damaged or not! Xx


Hi Nickimidge. Yes, that sounds like a good plan to me. Speak to him/her about the possibility of removing that tube at the same time, if is appropriate, then you won't have that worry. Hope you soon get some answers. Thinking of you. Diane


Thanks Diane. I will do. This journey seems never ending at times xxx


Oh bless you, you'll get there. xx

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My tubes proved open on an HSG, but looked full of liquid a few months later. We discussed removal surgery but in the end the issue cleared itself and now 18.5 week pregnant. Good luck!


Thats fantastic news! Congratulations. I'm kind of hoping that my gynae will still be happy to remove the tube, 1 because i've got my head around the fact that i was losing it and 2, just so that i know theres no chance of the fluid building up again!!! Xx


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