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So Distracted!

We had our baseline scan yesterday and everything was perfect! My lining was nice and thin and no cysts on my ovaries! YEY! So started injections last night which went very well (despite my slight panic attack just before doing it)! However I am just so distracted by the whole process, my mind will not allow myself to switch off from this at all! Whether its questions about the process, or wondering what the next stage is going to be like, or wondering how I will cope during the two week wait, I just cannot seem to switch my mind off of babies and IVF! I cant even watch a film with out randomly going off into a daydream about it all! Did everyone else feel like this? Any tips on how to concentrate at work, or is this just something I have got to deal with? :-)

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That all sounds really hopeful! Wishing you the best for the rest of the process.

I was really distracted as well, but more in a stressed way (which I know is not good at all) I was quite worried about having time off work. Even though they have been on about it.

I think it's hard to not be distracted. It's like the more you try not to think of something the more you think about it!

Good luck!x

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Thank you! Yes your right - the more I am trying to not think and to relax the more i just end up thinking about it!

Thank you! x


Hi emmat88 ,

I am at a similar stage in the process. I started the injections mon... So only 3 days ahead of you. Is this your first ivf cycle? It is mine.

I completely understand how you feel, it is natural that it will dominate your life... Especially these last weeks of the process as potentially so close now.

I think it's good to just give your self a bit of a break in the evenings. Make sure you rest. If your stressing iv found it helpful to be positive about the end result we all hope to achieve.

Iv found having a massage and a nice chilled out bath helps me to switch off a bit. Also talking out everything that's going round your head helps, no matter how silly you feel the thoughts might be.


Yes this is my first cycle too! Keep in touch and let me know how you get on then! its nice to have someone going through it at the same time! :-)

That's great advise thank you! I will make sure I just chill in the evenings!! Me and my husband talk a lot about it so that's really good - your right though some of the things that I think about are very silly - but they are still thoughts so voicing them helps I guess!

Good luck for your cycle!! x


Will do, def good to have someone that understands.

I think we can get away with a little silliness, we are being pumped with hormones after all 😜

Me and hubby decided that we would prefer not to tell friends, so only few family members no that we are going through it. Sometimes feels like going through this crazy emotional roller coaster in silence... But if we get our baby out of it , will be so so worth it.

Let's hope we both get our end result! 😊


that's very true! blame it on the drugs he he!

Our close family members know, and a couple of our friends, that's about it, but its a good support network so we are very lucky, but it is strange going through it all and having to carry on at work as if everything is normal!

Yes i am sure all of this will be worth it when we get our babies at the end!!

Keeping everything crossed :-)


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