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So lost

Was so happy to hear that my 3rd try FET (2nd miscarried at 8 weeks) was booked for 6th January, HOWEVER went for scan before collecting medication and my womb wasn't thin enough to start medication and they found white spots and a little clot which they think is a cyst, they said nothing to worry about but it means I can't have my FET the 6th January as planned. So I've been put on Norethisterone for 10 days and then have to bleed with the hope this will clear and thin my lining more. So instead of spending Christmas excited and positive that I have my FET booked I am now spending it negative and anxious that these tablets will work and that when I have another scan it will all be good to start process. They have given me my medication so surely this means that it will all clear up and thin out. Feel so lost.

since that appointment everything has just crumbled, I got the flu, so I've been off work, so I'm worried about my job, I'm losing money which is stressful because I pay private and because I am full of flu I couldn't go to my first acupuncture session so now there are no appointments until the new year so I have to find a new acupuncture clinic. I have been really emotional the last couple of days my husband has been so good. I'm 30 in February and I really think 2016 is going to be my year. So much has been put on hold in 2015 IVF has taken over my life because I want a family so much. My sister is my donor and I wouldn't ask her to do it again if we ended up running out of embryos so the only other option would be adoption. So much going on in my head...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Congratulations to those who have been successful in 2015, my thoughts are with those who have had heartbreaking moments like myself. And good luck to everyone for 2016 I wish and hope that you all have a successful year xxx

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You need to give this the best possible chance of working, and if that means waiting another couple of weeks to clear the cysts then it will be worth it. Your 2016 is already getting off to an exciting great start, so hang in there and it will all work out for the best. xx

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We are going into our 4th IVF in 2016 and it is a difficult feeling of how to feel and your allowed to feel how you want but it will

Happen for you when your in the best place I'm sure so it's better to get to that place first X hopefully 2016 is a year for many of us X happy Christmas and new year 😀


Hi Suzanne,

I totally know how you feel. Its all the waiting and set backs. At my scan in March they found a polyp, which had to be removed and this meant transfer would be in another 6 months. I was gutted at first but in the end saw it as a positive- time to ensure my body was ready for my little embie. I am now nearly 15 weeks pregnant :-).

Take care of yourself. Enjoy Christmas and wishing you a brilliant 2016!!



Hi, I know how frustrating these setbacks can be, but try to see the positive as in, they only want to transfer when the conditions are best. I had a cyst during my first cycle if IVF and th are nurses said it was ok to continue. It didn't work and if I'm honest sometimes I wonder if that cyst didn't cause a lot of trouble and was also responsible for the failure. All the best and try and hopefully your flu will be gone, soon, the. You'll also feel better!


The ladies are right. If you went ahead with the FET when you knew your body wasn't in the optimal position and it failed would you always wonder was that the cause? I get how frustrated you must be but at least you know your hospital have your best interests at heart by asking you to do the extra round of medication first. Can you look at this medication as the start of your next round, but the round is just longer than previous ones as they are trying to tweak it to get it right? Easier said than done but try and relax over Chrismas then you'll be in a good place in the NY x


Oh it's so hard isn't it!we've had another set back too, the clinic are busy January so I it was only definately ok to go ahead with treatment if my period was just a day late, any earlier and probable that they wouldn't fit us in (issues of having it later due to other half work is abroad, so not as simple as to just postpone for a bit). Well sods law, I've ovulated early, so chances are period will be too 😢. I called to tell them and asked about norethisterone, nurse agreed worth a try to postpone cycle a few days, but obviously explained it doesn't always work, so I'm petrified I'll miss out on our try because the one month my body needs to behave it doesn't!

What dosage have they put you on if you don't mind me asking? Xxx


I'm on 3 tablets a day for 10 days, had my last dosage on Christmas Day so I should start bleeding about the 29th they said


Yes that's what was suggested to me, but only for a few days just to prevent my cycle for a few days til clinic are definitely able to fit us in. I'm trying so hard to not stress about it, but that in itself is hard!

Fingers crossed for you hun xx


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