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D & C yet havent started IVF?

I've been told that I need a. D&C as the clinic was unable to perform biopsy of cervix,- as it was closed. I have a fixed, retrograde uterous and he said "if u don't have proceedure it wld be diff to have IVF now'. I've already had tubes removed, cysts etc and went in for this pre IVF check and received the news. If my uterus is fixed and they're planning on pulling it fwd, dilating n scraping under anaenesthetic, when it wares off I'l be in pain with complications from whatever it was 'fixed to' being damaged internally. Very distressed. over £5000 spent on this and last surgery n nothing but pain and tears each day. I want to end it all. Had enough, please advise. :'(

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Hi Music1. Sorry to hear that you have to undergo this procedure. However daunting it may seem to you, please try and see it as a definite positive. Getting your cervix dilated can only aid the IVF procedure, as it will enable easy access to your womb for embryo transfer. Unfortunately, your womb is tilting backwards in a fixed position, which will add to your cervix being closed, so correcting the position, once again can only be a good thing, for when you become pregnant, it will alleviate any back pain you would almost certainly endure if left in the position it is at the moment. No one likes to have to go through these things, and I wish you didn’t have to. Your consultant has obviously got your best interests at heart, so let’s hope this then puts you on the path to a


Dear DianeArnold

Thank you for your reply and your 'encouraging words'. I just feel the last 2 years have been such a rollercoaster of emotions. Hearing those words, being told I would need surgery to have IVF, and then when I thought I was going along to get my first injection/ scan to be told I'd need further surgery or it would be difficult/ possibly not possible to try IVF it broke me heart. I've nobody who I can confide in regarding what I'm going though and my partners response has been 'let them do whatever it takes'. I'm one of those 'unlucky people' - if it can go wrong it will. Hearing the words D&C, combined with 'we usually do this for a miscarriage, so it's quite common' just tore at my heart strings - not every being able to get pregnant. I will take your advice and trust that they do have my best interests at heart, and go ahead with the procedure.

Thank you for reading my post. I cannot tell you how much of a 'God Send' this site has been for me to just feel I am not alone and I can get a second opinion from others. x


Hi. Try not to dwell too much on people’s thoughtless words! Often people don’t realise that what they say can be so upsetting. Probably wasn’t meant to be, but it still hurts so. I do feel that you are definitely making the right decision to get your womb “sorted” before proceeding with further IVF. At least then, you will know that you have a much healthier chance of success. Please remember that I am here for you, if needed, and all is strictly confidential. I shall be thinking of you, and do let me know how it all goes if you can. Diane


Thank you x


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