Lost both tubes.now ivf need advice 😢

hi I'm sophia 24 years old I've just had another ectopic n had internal bleeding n tube was removed I also had tube removed last year April I'm really depressed and still recovering. My only hope is ivf I've been reading up but still confused 😞. How long will it take on the nhs to start treatment? I Live in East london. Does my gp refer me? And any succes story's with women who had tubes removed? Appericiate any help advice x

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  • Hi Sophia, sorry for what you are going through. I am not surprised you're feeling low in mood, you've been through so much. I can't give you time scales but I can hopefully let you know some of the process. It is usually your gp that refers you to a gynaecologist who refers you to a fertility centre. That's what happened to me but maybe you have a gynaecologist that will refer you directly. They check you meet the criteria, including weight, smoking status, previous children (criteria varies for different areas I think).

    Once you're referred, you see the consultant and he/she will discuss the process in more detail. There are success stories for ivf. I hope this helps. If I can help anymore let me know.

    Also, with regards to starting ivf, it's a bit of an emotional roller coaster. You need to be ready emotionally & physically. Make sure you have had time to process what has happened to you. A counsellor may help, everyone varies. I've seen one & she has helped me.

    Take care x

  • Hi Sophia,

    Sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy and having your tubes removed.

    I had both of my tubes removed as they were damaged. I had been trying for many years with no luck and then diagnosed they were beyond repair!

    You need to get referred via your GP there was a year waiting list but I had my opp during the waiting time so it might be quicker for you as you don't need to be diagnosed.

    I am pleased to say I am 5 weeks pregnant from my first round of IVF and my first scan is due in 2 weeks time.

    I am sure everything will be fine I think you just need to get on the waiting list.

    Please let me know how you get on :)

  • Oh wow congrats that's amazing.its refreshing to hear success storys.fo they plant one or two embryos? I heard they just do one now to avoid multiple pregnancys is this true??

  • They just implanted one embroyo as I only had one egg that was really good quality. The embroyogist said they will transfer more if the eggs are not the quality they expected.

    I was reading a leaflet that said 1 in 5 ivf births could be multiple. I am unsure if that is based on one or several embroyos being implanted.

  • Hi!

    I am so sorry to hear what you have gone through, it must be awful!

    I have not had my tubes removed but they are competly blocked with no chance of recovery. We were diagnosed with blocked tubes in October last year and I am quite a way through our first cycle of ivf. The process is not too bad at all, and it has moved quickly for us, although I think it depends where you live as to timescales etc.

    I hope you get referred quickly and can start to look forward!

    Good luck!


  • Thank your for the reply I no it sounds silly but how would they take my eggs out?? Is it a operation?

  • No problem! that's not a silly question at all!! I wondered this for ages!! They call it a 'procedure' instead of an op. Basically they sedate you usually, and they go through your uterus lining. Most women don't remember anything from the procedure, I haven't got to that bit yet, but I have read all about it so I'm prepared :-) Hope that makes sense!! Please let me know if these is anything else I can answer!

  • Hi sophiasafa

    Sorry to hear all that you have been through & you're entitled to be feeling low, you need to grieve. But you are young (sorry I expect everyone says that!) and you can get pregnant so there are alot of positives for you. Contemplating IVF is scary and its's quite possible you know of no-one who has been through it, but if you do, speak to them, there is nothing like talking to someone who will understand. I didnt have my tubes removed but I went through a long time of fertility treatment and at 46 I fell pregnant thru ICSI (similar to IVF) and now my daughter is 4! It is very confusing but you do have time on your hands, dont rush into anything. There are so many good places to get information from - you've found Infertility Network UK, (I N UK) look at Fertility Fairness website (access from the I N UK website under NHS Funding) and you'll find out more about getting funding thru the CCGs and what your CCG is offering regards cycles. There's also the HFEA website which has fertility clinic info and general fertility info, The London Women's Clinic runs support groups even if you're not going to that clinic but its great because everyone is in the same boat so are very understanding. Also check out the 'Support' menu on the I N UK website for other support groups. Good luck with everything xxx

  • Hi I had my tubes both removed in August last year and right now I am 20 weeks pregnant from IVF.

    If your tubes are the issue you are better off having them out and going for IVF in my opinion.. its not an easy decision at all and I know how hard it is, but IVF has a better chance of working correctly if damaged tubes are no longer an issue.

    Speak to your GP for a referral to the fertility clinic, that's the best place to start.

    Best of luck to you xx

  • Hi katrina congrats very exciting news.was it your first round of ivf? And did u got threw nhs? Did u wait long? Sorry for so many questions

  • Hi actually it was my second try, and we used embryos frozen from the first cycle. The first cycle was NHS but we paid for the leftover embryos to be frozen (£500) and we paid for the frozen transfer (£750). There was no waiting list for the IVF at our clinic, most of our waiting was for the surgeries. X

  • Does the give 1 or 3 goes do u know?

  • Sorry I meant does the nhs give 1 or 3 goes? I'm in London n can't find any info on how many goes.i guess I'm being eager.

  • It depends where you live. Look on the HFEA website and it will tell you.

  • Hello Sophia,

    It's natural to feel down. You've had a terrible time with your etopic pregnancies and having your tubes removed, so you need to take time to grieve and to build yourself up before IVF.

    I don't know what the waiting times for IVF are in your area but, your GP should be able to refer you and give you advice on this so I would make an appointment and start there. My husband and I were referred for IVF last April and have our first appointment this month. It's taken a while but, with hindsight, I've needed the time to prepare myself emotionally to give us the best chance.

    You might want to consider speaking to someone about your experience. I see a counsellor and have found that to be extremely helpful. I was in a really bad place when I started to see her and (while it's still not easy) I am feeling a lot better! I pay to see her privately but your GP or fertility clinic can also refer you to someone if you ask.

    Finally, try to do things that help you relax. I find reading, going to the gym, tai chi all help. So I would recommend finding things that help take your mind off things. It can be all consuming!

    Take care of yourself and I wish you the best of luck! x

  • do not worry you can become a mother by doing ivf also the tubes might be diseased and bad so they got a ectopic so relax and be happy that at least now you have a clear road map of ivf only which gives you good success

  • Thank you to everyone who had replied it feels nice to know people re out there in similar situations.im goin to go to my gp next week and get referred I will keep everyone updated on my progress. And congrats to @katrina13 really happy for u and has given me positive thoughts for futur ☺️

  • Hi Sophia I'm 24 I lost one of my tubes last year and I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant with twin boys 😁 good luck for when you start xxxx

  • Hi did u have ivf? Congrats btw must be exciting. I have a 2 year old so I'm very thankful but the fact I can't conceive naturally upsets me hugely. But this forum is really making me think positive x

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